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Sony: a State of Play coming to third-party titles?

According to what was revealed by the well-known leaker The Snitch, Sony would be preparing a new State of Play focused on third-party titles. Let’s find out more in this dedicated news

Il 2023 for Sony and in particular for the PlayStation ecosystem it will be a year full of highly anticipated news and exclusives. Next to the release is, for example, Forspoken. Still staying at Square Enix, there are many expectations relating to Final Fantasy XVI, not to forget the hype around the new Marvel’s Spider-Man. Soon, however, a new announcement or a new series of announcements may concern third party titles which, Sony itself, could enclose in a nuovo State of Play.

State of Play on third-party titles coming soon?

Is a new State of Play on third-party titles coming soon? According to the statements of the well-known videogame-themed leaker and insider, The Snitchthe answer is Yup. The Snitch himself declared it on his discord server (you will find the message below). The reaction of the fans around this news was certainly exciting and, immediately, as often happens, the full announcement began to take possession of the main social networks and of all the discussions, thus hypothesizing titles and potential presentations that could be made right from Sony.

Sony: a State of Play coming to third-party titles?

The source of The Snitch, according to his statements, should be very reliable in subject Sony and PlayStation. So we just have to wait for more news and updates on the matter. Meanwhile, waiting for the best titles already scheduled for 2023, what would you like to be announced in this hypothetical (at the moment) State of Play? Let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate section below.

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