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Why do you need a hosting panel?

What is a hosting control panel and why can it make our life easier? Let’s find out together!

Currently, many companies post their information on the Internet. This it is very useful so that more people can get to know the brand and the services it offers. For this, every company needs a site to be able to express itself in the world of the Internet. Using the ISPmanager web hosting panel allows you to manage sites and servers in a very simple way.

Why do you need a hosting panel?

Hosting service

Hosting is a service that provides hardware and infrastructural resources to manage user data on a server that has constant access to the network. Put simply, it is a remote computer, active 24 hours a day, on which the company’s website is stored.

1. Tipi on hosting

Hosting can be of various types. You can assign a virtual hosting. In this case, the company’s project is on a single server hosting multiple sites. These sites use the same software and have equal rights. The server contains many sites that do not require large capacity and disk space. Due to its simplicity, this type is considered the most popular among customers.

There is also a virtual dedicated server (VPS). In this case, the project owner has his own dedicated area on the server and can install any software. Then, we can talk about a dedicated physical server. The customer receives a separate physical server and can install any operating system and modify the software. This type of hosting is considered a premium level service, used by customers with high requirements for large scale projects.

Finally, we can talk about cloud hosting. Combine different servers hosting user projects. The main advantage of this service is that servers can exchange projects with each other if the load on one of them increases. Furthermore, the undoubted advantage is the flexibility of the resource, where the customer pays only for the amount of energy he uses.

Why do you need a hosting panel?

2. Parameters for choosing hosting

Hostings differ in various parameters: the quality of technical support, disk space, cost, technical capabilities and features, performance, resource protection from virtual attacks, and so on.

After analyzing what this service is, the different types and its parameters, let’s move on to the most important question: how to manage it? There are various control panels for this purpose.

Why do you need a hosting panel?

Hosting panel

The control panel is a special software tool which must have an interface that is easy to use and with which it is possible to manage the server settings and the sites hosted on it. The main purpose of the control panel is to manage complex functionalities using a simple and understandable tool for users. These panels allow you to do the following:

  • Manage sites and projects. The user sets a password and usage rights that restrict other users to file system objects, encrypts data using a digital certificate (SSL), and corrects errors. Create forums and photo galleries using various scripts.
  • Manage your mail. This means that the user can create and delete mailboxes, protect emails from spam, manage all credentials and set up mailing lists, mail filters and automatic replies.
  • Having the ability to manage a domain. This opportunity lies in the fact that the user is able to customize the account for his own purposes. For example, create sections that will be used to manage domains on the server, also use site aliases. If the user decides to create subdomains, this will allow him to create new parts of the site or a separate site. All this is useful for managing the site in a more flexible and comfortable way.
  • Manage the databaseget detailed statistics on the number of users, memory usage and bandwidth, and get technical support.
  • Simplify the service. With the help of custom algorithms, you can perform actions such as: backup, check the site for broken links.
  • Why do you need a hosting panel?

    Choose a hosting control panel

    First of all, despite the fact that the control panel must be simple and understandable at first glance, choosing based on the interface alone is not a good idea. The customer should pay attention to the control panel interface but also analyze the rest of the control panel functions.

    The customer must first and foremost decide on the control panel tools: what are they called, according to what principles they work. So he has to decide on a price range. The control panel can be both paid and free. You can try it first a free control panel; these control panels can be very simple and easy to use, but keep in mind that their functionality is limited or they may have secondary ports available. Free control panels may not meet customer criteria, so your best bet may be to use paid control panel demos.

    Why do you need a hosting panel?

    The demo version will help you evaluate the interface, features and speed of the hosting control panel. There are a lot of control panels on the market right now, so it’s best to start with those that have already established themselves on the market. How ISPmanager, VestaCP, CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Webmin and many others.

    The control panels of the sites discussed above are suitable for creating web projects of completely different levels of complexity. Each user can decide independently based on the objectives which sets out which control panels are suitable for its purposes. The advantages of one or the other panel for one customer can be the solution to all problems, while for another some functions can become a disadvantage. In conclusion, we can say that the choice should be made only after the user has visited the sites, compared prices and services. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!