Why does the price of gasoline continue to rise? The reasons

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A bad promise kept that of expensive petrol, which price run continues. By now, even filling up at self it’s a drain: exceeded 2 euros per litre. Now, the Government must fix it and do it quickly too.

Dear petrol, the price race continues. Here’s why, source DepositPhotos

Driving is the new luxury

At this rate, even driving will be a real luxury. The data processed by Minutes Alarming figures emerge from Quotidiano energia.

How the costs of petrol and diesel have increased

The average price charged per self servicenow, is of 1,990 euros per litre, the previous revelation is 1,985 euros. This includes several brands between 1.977 and 2.002 euros per liter and no logo 1.973.

Let’s move on to dieselthe average cost in mode self and of 1,913 euros per litre. Compared to 1,902 euros, with the companies between 1,910 and 1,926 euros per liter and no logo 1,893.

While for the served, the average price of petrol charged is 2.122 euros per litre (2.116 the previous cost), with colored systems with prices between 2.057 and 2.203 euros per liter and no logo 2.025.

The average of diesel served is 2,047 euros per literagainst 2.036, with the sales points of the companies with average prices between 1.991 and 2.127 euros per liter and no logo 1.946.

Dear petrol, here are the reasons for the increases

Why do diesel and petrol prices continue to rise?

There are several factors that influence. Surely at the top there is the continuum increase in oil prices.

As he explains Davide Tabarelli president of Nomisma energia: “The trend in fuel tariffs is growing because Russia, together with Saudi Arabia and the United States, is one of the main producers and exporters of oil: the international context is decidedly hostile”.

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Yes, imports from Russia are reduced and American supplies are decreasing, while global demand is growing.

We continue by adding the recent decisions of OPEC+ countries to reduce oil production. Let’s therefore fast forward to June, when the intention to lower the maximum production threshold in 2024 was announced.

In July, however, Saudi Arabia announced a cut of around one million barrels a day. Basically, the price of oil is 89 dollars per barrel for WTI crude and 92.4 dollars per barrel for Brent.

Dear petrol, the price race continues.  Here's why, source DepositPhotosDear petrol, the price race continues. Here’s why, source DepositPhotos

What the Government does and Salvini’s famous promise

We all remember that in electoral program of the Leaguethere is it reduction of excise duties on petrol, diesel and LPG, aimed at cutting the cost of living.

Well, the minister Salvinithen, not only has he always reconfirmed the above, but a few months ago he explained that in the event of an increase the government would intervene.

Not only that, the hope was to be able to see the price of fuel stable at 1.8 euros per litrelet’s go back to the beginning.

The increases have been regular over time and promises are being talked about again, given that 2 euros per liter have been exceeded.

Let’s say that in the social era, videos underline the above and thus, the discontent of Meloni’s executive is growing, along with many other issues.

What can you do? Can excise duties be cut?

The minister Adolfo Urso, a month ago in Agora he clarified that a cut would cost a billion euros. Precisely: “Reproposing what the Draghi government did would force us to find 12 billion euros a year in another way, that is, more than what the Citizenship Income cost.”

Dear petrol, the price race continues.  Here's why, source DepositPhotosDear petrol, the price race continues. Here’s why, source DepositPhotos

Giorgia Meloni tries to repair what is already irreparable, at least for the users’ pockets

There are hypotheses and they are different and the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti he explained how the most validated one is now a new one social card. This apes the initiative Dedicated to you, created by the Government for food shopping.

Many, however, see it as yet another drop destined to get lost in the ocean of the many promises made.

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