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Why doesn’t the phone ring?

Doesn’t your phone ring? Often there is a problem in your settings, let’s find out in this article why the phone does not ring

In today’s increasingly interconnected reality, the sound of an incoming call represents a life link with the outside world. However, there are times when the absence of this acoustic signal it can leave us perplexed. The lack of ringtone during incoming calls on your phones or tablets could result from various factors, and one of the most common is the omission of setting a ringtone. In this guide, we will explore this scenario in detail, offering clear solutions to restore the sound of calls and ensure that no important call escapes you.

Why doesn't the phone ring?

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The most probable solutions | Why doesn’t the phone ring?

  • Check your Do Not Disturb settings: Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. If active, deactivate the Do not disturb function to avoid muting incoming calls during the set period.
  • Check the ringer volume: Go to Settings > Sounds & Vibration/Sounds. Make sure the ringer volume is set to a comfortable level.
  • Check the Ringtone settings: Go to Settings > Sounds & Vibration/Sounds. Select the “Ringtone” option and make sure that the “None” option is not selected. Otherwise, choose a ringtone.
  • Be careful of accidental interaction with the buttons or screen during a call: During an incoming call, avoid accidentally pressing the volume key or tapping options such as “Message” or “Reminder” on the call screen, as this may mute the ringtone.
  • Check the sound during music playback: If there is sound when playing music, but not during incoming calls, it is advisable to restart the device to solve any temporary problems.

Why doesn't the phone ring?

Other possible scenarios | Why doesn’t the phone ring?

It could happen that the incoming calls from a specific contact do not produce any ringtones. This could be due to the ringtone configuration for that contact, which could be set to “None”. Check the ringtone settings on the contact details screen to resolve this issue. Also keep in mind that in some situations, such as during the Audio Recording, the video shooting of the video calls, it is normal for the ringtone to be muted. Similarly, if you have activated the “Uninterrupted Games” mode For an immersive gaming experience via AppAssistant/Game Suite, the device will not produce ringtones or vibrations during incoming calls while gaming. If you want to turn the ringtones back on, just go to the app settings and turn off the “Uninterrupted Games” feature.

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