Everything asks for salvation: Drusilla Foer also arrives in the second season!

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Through a press release, Netflix announced the arrival of Drusilla Foer in the second season of Everything asks for salvation, also revealing the first image: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

Netflix announces the start of filming for the second season of Everything asks for salvation (here you can find our review of the first season!), the series produced by Picomedia and directed by Francesco Bruni, starring Federico Cesari (Daniele) and Fotinì Peluso (Nina) . Great new entries like Drusilla Foer (Matilde), Valentina Romani (Angelica), Vittorio Viviani (Armando), to which are added Samuel Di Napoli (Rachid) and Marco Todisco (Paolo). Netflix has also unveiled the first image starring Drusilla, which you can find above on the cover!

Everything asks for salvation: the first image of the second season with Drusilla Foer has been revealed!

After the success of the first season, loosely based on the homonymous novel by Daniele Mencarelli, this second season, in 5 episodes, will offer an unprecedented sequel to the novel, continuing to follow the lives of already known characters who will intertwine with those of the new ones, among the psychiatry ward and the outside world.

Written by Francesco Bruni, Daniele Mencarelli and Daniela Gambaro, the series will see the return of the cast, as well as Federico Cesari (Daniel) e Fotinì Peluso (Nina), also of Andrew Pennacchi (Mario), Vincent Crea (Gianluca), Lorenzo Renzi (Giorgio), Vincent Nemolato (Madonna) e Alessandro Pacioni (Alessandro), who in the first season shared a room in the psychiatry ward with Daniele. Ricky Memphis (Pino), Bianca Nappi (Rossana) e Flaure BB Kabore (Alessia) return to the role of nurse and ward nurses, while Philip Nigro (Dr. Mancino) e Raffaella Lebboroni (Dr. Cimaroli) in those of the doctors of the clinic. Lorenza Guess (Anna), Michele La Ginestra (Angelo), Ariadne Mattioli (Anthony), James Matthias (John), Daniel’s mother, father, sister and brother. Caroline Crescentini (Giorgia) is Nina’s mother.

Drusilla Foer will also be in the cast of Everything Asks Salvation starting from the second season! Let us know what you think of the series in the comments below stay tuned with us at TechGameWorld.com for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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