Why Twitter is logging out of some accounts

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Interesting announcement from the Twitter App. The platform has notified an “incident” that has affected the accounts of an unspecified number of users who have decided to reset your passwords. According to the company, a “bug” introduced in the past year has prevented users from logging out of their accounts on all devices after initiating a password reset. A dilemma that the platform has tried to solve in its own way.

Twitter: App logs users out after password reset

“If you have proactively changed your password on one device, but you still have a session open on another device, that session may not have been closed – writes the platform in an article published on its official blog -. The web sessions were not affected and were closed appropriately ”. The Twitter App, therefore, claims it stands disconnecting “Proactively” some users due to the bug due to “a change to the systems that feed the password reset” occurred in 2021.

In this regard, a spokesperson for the company declined to elaborate on when this change was made, or how many users it really involved. “I can share that for most people, this would not lead to any damage or compromise to the account,” the spokesperson said. And while most people haven’t encountered any problems, the news could be worrying for those who have used shared devices. Or for those who have dealt with a lost or stolen device in the past year. In any case, the mass logout seems to have been a good solution.