Wiko celebrates the trades of yesteryear with the Let’s Guru Up project

La nuova iniziativa social di Wiko celebra i mestieri di una volta thumbnail

It’s called Let’s Guru Up, and it’s the new Wiko project that gives voice to young talents who have made the “trades of the past” pop.

Wiko Italia launches the Let’s Guru Up project

Let’s Guru Up was born in the Italian factory of Wiko, which has already given light and fame to projects such as # Stàggati and #LetsCreateIt. This is an initiative that responds to the brand’s desire to take a more approach sustainable, starting with small gestures. One example is the introduction of the new 100% recyclable eco-packaging, brought to the shelves with the latest collections. The Let’s Guru Up project will develop through a digital story telling, designed to inform, raise awareness and stimulate young people, which has always been the brand’s target audience. The purpose is thein-depth study of issues come sustainability, craftsmanship, recycling, slow fashion / food and circular economy. The whole through the direct experience of four young gurus whose work is based on these values.

“Amplifying the messages of new emerging talents is an integral part of the Wiko manifesto. Giving space to these four ‘gurus’ will allow us to provide inspiring content for our community and fans, offering a reference and models that young people can take as an example and emulate, stimulating the birth of new projects that adopt a new way of communicating and living: smart and sustainable, becoming in turn a guru in a virtuous circle of fulfilled dreams “- comments brunette door, Marketing & Communication Director Southern Europe di Wiko.

After a long and meticulous scouting, Wiko has identified four profiles, which will be spokespersons of a digital story to rediscover traditions. Starting from October 27th and for one month – one creator per week -, on the Instagram profile @wikoitalia it will be possible to meet the protagonists. In this way we will discover their relationship with social media and with the smartphone. It will also be interesting to find out how technology has helped them to transform their ancient professions into pop and smart businesses. All thanks to the support of the flagship Wiko Power U30, of which you can read our review here.

The four faces of the project

Let’s Guru Up’s journey will start from Lombardy, the homeland of the first two creators: the very young beekeeper Gianluca Bollini (@apisuape) and the neo-thirty-year-old farmer Niccolò Burinato (@ilcontadinonick). The second stop will be in Puglia, from ceramics decorator Gina Totaro (@piattinidavanguardia) and then, going up the Boot, you will reach the last goal, in the Marche, where Marta Baldassarri and Valentina Vidali they will open the doors of theirs sustainable tailoring specialized in eco-printing and natural dyes (@etico_sartoria).

“This project is a big bet for us. As a smartphone brand, we are aware that we operate in a sector that is still difficult to make sustainable at the moment. In its small way and remaining faithful to its values, Wiko wants to contribute to spreading the sensitivity towards more sustainable life choices. This also through the experience of the young talents who have succeeded. – concludes the Marketing & Communication Director Southern Europe di Wiko.