Will Activision games be Xbox exclusives? The word to Phil Spencer

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A few hours ago the announcement of the acquisition of Actvision Blizzard from Microsoft for the beauty of 70 billion dollars. Of course the first instinct of all players was to ask themselves if now the games published by Activision Blizzard will become exclusive Microsoft and Xbox. To answer the question, we thought Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, in the press release with which the new purchase was announced.

Will Activision games be Xbox exclusives?

The words of the CEO of Xbox Gaming have been quite cryptic, but for the moment the possibility of seeing future Activision games as exclusive Microsoft seems to be averted. Here is what Spencer writes in the note: “Activision Blizzard games are playable on a variety of platforms and we intend to continue to support these communities in the future.”

Despite these words, Bloomberg he referred to unidentified sources, which would have confirmed that Activision will continue to publish video games also on other platforms outside the Xbox ecosystem, but that however some of its projects will remain linked to the consoles of the Redmond house. A strategy that therefore appears similar to what we saw with Bethesda.

In short, at the moment Microsoft’s plans regarding the thorny issue of exclusivity are not clear, the certain thing is that making some productions always loved by the Xbox exclusives community could be a rather unpopular choice. A good example of this is the series of Call of Duty, which if made an exclusive would raise a considerable fuss.

It is therefore unlikely to be large franchise of this type will become exclusive, unlike other less famous franchises but still loved by fans who could be inextricably linked to the Xbox brand. Surely in the coming months we will have more precise news in this regard.

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