Apple consentirà di disinstallare il suo Wallet? thumbnail

Will Apple allow you to uninstall its Wallet?

Will Apple allow you to uninstall its Wallet?  thumbnail

Apple may soon allow to uninstall Apple Wallet and iPhone e iPad. This decision could come to avoid legal problems after the antitrust regulations passed by the European Union this summer.

Apple Wallet can be uninstalled on iPhone and iPad

The system Apple Pay is deeply integrated with iOS and iPadOS. It doesn’t just allow you to pay with yours smartphone or with Apple Watch, but also to buy all paid services and apps on the iPhone. For this reason, Apple does not allow you to uninstall it at the moment. But that may soon change.

According to 9to5Mac, in the code of iPadOS 16.1 there are lines that suggest that the Wallet app may become uninstallable, not just removable from the home as it is now. Something that is speculated will also happen with iOS 16.1.

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Uninstalling a system app could have annoying consequences for users. For example, if they tried to pay with a POS using Apple Pay, they would only see a notification that reads “Download the Wallet app from the App Store“.

This choice could come from the recent criticism of the EU, which highlighted how Apple has restricted access to NFC technology for payments on the iPhone. It therefore appears that Apple may allow other Wallets for i contactless paymentsas long as they exceed the safety requirements. But there is no communication from Apple at the moment, so it’s hard to say.

At the moment, therefore, assessing the impact of this move is pure speculation. But something could soon change in the world of contactless paymentsshould the news be confirmed.

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