Will Apple Car arrive in 2025? Here are the new leaks

Apple Car arriverà nel 2025? Ecco i nuovi leak thumbnail

The electric vehicle of Apple, which has been talked about for some time but has not yet been officially announced, has suffered a long series of setbacks in the course of its development. Now a new report says Apple has finally solidified the roadmap ofApple Car, which will result in a self-driving electric car arriving by 2025.

Will 2025 be the year of Apple Car?

Sources inside Apple told Bloomberg that the Apple Car development team was previously stuck on choice of two different development paths: a more traditional electric vehicle with some advanced driving assistance functions, similar to those already on the market, or a more sophisticated electric vehicle, capable of implementing true autonomous driving without any input from its passengers.

According to reports from Bloomberg, it appears that the new head of the project Kevin Lynch has decided to follow the latter path: Apple will therefore try to create a fully autonomous vehicle without pedals or steering. Of course, deciding to make a true self-driving car is easier said than done, as no carmaker has gone that far yet.

Several previous reports indicated that Apple was planning to propose a contract to Hyundai, in order to obtain an EV platform on which the Apple could build its technology. The deal, however, did not go through, as Hyundai’s upper echelons did not agree to become mere Apple suppliers.

Also according to Bloomberg, Apple is now exploring the use of a more futuristic automotive design with open seats similar to what electric vehicle startup Canoo showed in its vehicles, along with large displays to house the car’s infotainment.

In short, the Cupertino giant still seems to be on the high seas, it is no coincidence that the launch date in 2025 has been described as “very aggressive”. It is therefore realistic to imagine that the arrival of Apple Car will be postponed in the coming months.