Will Apple give us a ‘taste’ of Apple Glass in March?

Apple ci darà un 'assaggio' degli Apple Glass a marzo? thumbnail

The marketing material for the dell event‘8 March suggests that Apple can give us a ‘tasteI ‘of his glasses for augmented reality, the Apple Glass? Even if the launch is still far away, perhaps the Apple could show us some details of one of the most interesting projects that follows in Cupertino.

Apple Glass: will we be able to see them already at the event of 8 March?

Apple has issued invitations for its next digital unveiling event on March 8. A moment to show us the latest products developed in Cupertino. We expect many interesting devices: iPhone SE 3a new iPad Air, dei Mac mini with more powerful chips and at least one laptop. But maybe the Apple wants to show us something more.

According to TechRadar experts, in the marketing material tweeted by the Apple executive Greg Joswiak there could be a hint of what we will see presented by the Apple Park in Cupertino on March 8. In fact, in the tweet we see the video of an Apple logo suspended on a stage. A clue that Apple wants to present some device designed for augmented reality.

Add to this the fact that the event is called Peek Performance. If Apple had wanted to talk about “maximum performance”, it would have written Peak Performance. Instead ‘peek’ suggests a ‘peek’ behind the scenesto find out something the Apple is working on, but not yet ready for a launch.

La Mela usually does not anticipate its products. Industry experts such as Ming-Chi Kuo let it be known that before the 2025 we will not see virtual reality glasses. Although maybe this year we will be able to see an AR / VR headset. However, both will most likely exploit the system realityOS, developed by Apple. That needs programmers develop apps so that users can make the most of them.

So maybe Apple wants to show us what’s to come, to give developers time to work on interesting software for their Apple Glass. We will find out on Tuesday, we will keep you informed.

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