Nissan CMF-EV platform unveiled in some details

Nissan svela qualche dettaglio della sua piattaforma CMF-EV per veicoli elettrici thumbnail

Nissan has decided to reveal some features of the architecture of the CMF-EV platform and the technology that will be the mainstay of its future electric models. Designed to form the basis for a wide range of electric vehicles, the platform will be a key component of the plan 2030 Nissan Ambition. In addition, it will offer synergies within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, maximizing production efficiency to achieve the partners’ common goals by 2030.

The CMF-EV platform will be the basis for 15 electric models that will be launched by 2030. as he explains Pierre Loing Vice President Product Planning: “The CMF-EV platform is a demonstration of the creativity of our engineers; From providing exceptional living room-style space (cab longer than the overall length of the vehicle), to accommodating our latest generation e-4ORCE transmission technology, its versatility gives us the ability to push the boundaries of engineering and of design “.

The new dedicated platform will play a key role in Nissan by bringing a new range of crossovers to Europe. And, moreover, with the Ariya which is the company’s first model and which paves the way for an electrified future.

At the heart of Nissan’s new electrified product offering will also be a new all-electric crossover based on the CMF-EV platform. The model will be produced as part of the previously discussed Nissan EV36Zero initiativethe world’s first sustainable electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem centered on Nissan’s global pilot plant in Sunderland, UK.

Nissan, here are the characteristics of the CMF-EV platform

Nissan engineers have provided the CMF-EV platform with a completely flat floor. The mounts for the electric motors were designed directly adjacent to the front and rear axles. Meanwhile, the battery packs had to be as thin as possible, providing structural support for the platform.

According to Nissan: “The CMF-EV platform gave Ariya designers a blank canvas, giving them the opportunity to explore the Ma concept, a Nissan design philosophy centered on harnessing the potential of empty space.”

The new Nissan Ariya will serve as the first demonstration of the benefits of the CMF-EV platform. For example, by placing the air conditioner in a more forward position and optimizing the position of the front and rear seats. The absence of the transmission tunnel allowed Nissan designers to exploit all the available space.

The cockpit of the Ariya exudes a feeling of spaciousness with more legroom in all seating. According to the brand, this: “translates into a salon-like experience“. In addition, the space can be further personalized thanks to the movable center console.

Nissa CMF EV platform

The innovative architecture also rewards drivers, who will be able to flexibly choose the right powertrain for their needs. CMF-EV platform can accommodate multiple power and transmission specifications, whether it is a single engine configuration or a e-4ORCE a double engine.

The e-4ORCE is Nissan’s most advanced all-wheel drive control technology. Through a series of engine and braking sensors, the technology allows for a perfect balance between performance and control. This allows the driver to have a high level of safety on all types of surfaces.

In addition to offering a dynamic and safe driving experience, the e-4ORCE minimizes vehicle pitch during braking. Therefore, it optimizes the brake distribution between front and rear to provide a stable and comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.