Will chips under the skin become a new trend in the tech world?

I chip sotto pelle per i pagamenti sono il nuovo trend del settore tech thumbnail

Woman with computer chip implant in hand

The diffusion of chips under the skin for payments is growing that use NFC, the same technology with which payments are made with smartphones in the shop. In particular, it is Switzerland that leads this new trend in the tech world.

Will chips under the skin be the new trend in the tech world?

It was iplastic surgeon Christian Kohler that has implanted NFC chips under the skin of a group of young Swiss entrepreneurs technology enthusiasts. Depending on how the chip under the skin is programmed, it can be used for various purposes. In fact, it is possible to pay by bringing the part of the body where the chip was implanted close to the POS.

This chip can also be used to open doors or for other authentication operations. The possible applications are many. These installed chips are not eternal and they can break or simply become obsolete. In any case, with an operation similar to the one performed for the first installation it will be possible remove or replace them.

In the near future, therefore, the installation of subcutaneous chips could become a new trend in the tech world, always looking for new solutions to innovate and amaze. We’ll see what the fate of this technology will be.