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Will Final Fantasy X-3 be done? Nomura has the script ready

Final Fantasy X is still today one of the most beloved chapters of the Final Fantasy series and, in conjunction with the completion of its twentieth anniversary, Testuya Nomura he expressed himself on the possible arrival of a possible one Final Fantasy X-3. The game designer, currently working on Final Fantasy VII Remake parte 2, explained that he already has the script for this third adventure on Spira ready, but that the remake of the adventures of Cloud and his companions has priority.

Final Fantasy X-3: what is it all about?

Final Fantasy X is one of the most important chapters of the saga for many different reasons, and the impact it had on fans was such that Square Enix even developed a sequel to it, Final Fantasy X-2, only two years after the distribution of the first game.

The practice of expanding the events narrated in the individual chapters of the Final Fantasy saga was then not common practice for the software house and the reception of this direct sequel to the final tenth fantasy was rather uneven among fans.

Final Fantasy X-3

There are those who loved him and those who hated him, and both factions had and still have good reasons. On the one hand, in fact, we have one of the best combat systems of the entire series, with a system of customizable and interchangeable playable classes that give considerable depth to the gameplay of the game. On the other hand, we have the narrative plot, which is configured as a direct sequel to what is seen in the final of FF X and which cancels a large part of the emotional impact of the latter, as well as distorting, in part, many characters.

Final Fantasy X-3

In FF-X 2 we see a completely changed Yuna, who works as an idol, and even the tragic death of Tidus is no longer so final, as the whole story of the game is all about finding a way to bring him back to the world of the living. Not exactly what players who loved Final Fantasy X expected.

FF X-2 was therefore something of an experiment when it came out in 2003. An experiment in fact only partially successful, despite the evident passion that the developers showed in creating the new Dress – Sphere System. It is therefore surprising to learn that there is a script for a hypothetical Final Fantasy X-3.

A story already told (in part)

Let’s take a step forward in time, al 2013, when with the release of the Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster is released an audio drama of about half an hour that tells the events following what was seen just before the closing credits of Final Fantasy X-2. There were even illustrations depicting the new design of Yuna and Tidus.

In this further plot addition two new characters appear (including Auron’s daughter), Yuna has again and inexplicably become a priestess of Yevon after breaking up with the revived Tidus, and it is revealed that Sin is ready to return once again, making all our actions in the original chapter useless to all intents and purposes.

Final Fantasy X-3

It goes without saying that it is very likely that, if a FF X-3 really does, it will start from the audio drama. As you are surely thinking this is not a very elegant narrative solution, given that we are faced with yet another paradigm shift aimed solely at carrying on a story that, let’s face it, sequels were not needed at all.

Will Final Fantasy X-3 really be done?

In 2019 the producer Yoshinori Kitase in an interview with the Game Informer editorial staff said that the possibility of developing FF X-3 is an idea that periodically comes back into vogue at the Square Enix studios, when the developers who worked on the tenth chapter begin to chat with each other.

At the time Kitase referred to simple discussions in formal, but according to Testuya Nomura there may be something much more structured at stake. In fact, according to what the designer said a few days ago, a screenplay written by Kazushige Nojima would be ready and that the chances of a third sequel are not zero.

Final Fantasy X-3

Anyway we are not talking about a video game that will be made anytime soon, as Nomura has confirmed that Square Enix’s production activity is currently monopolized by the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 and that before embarking on a new adventure, the development team wants to complete the events of Cloud, Tifa and companions.

Although the Final Fantasy X characters are much loved, we like to remember them as they were characterized in the original chapter, and considering the information available to us, we’re not sure if a third Final Fantasy X can do justice to the story of Yuna and Tidus.

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