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The best ice cream makers to face summer 2021

What are the best ice cream makers on the market? In this heat there is nothing better than a nice fresh homemade ice cream, simple to do and always at hand. If you intend to buy one but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ll take care of helping you.

The best ice cream makers: self-refrigerating and accumulation

Summer is getting hotter and more sultry and a nice fresh ice cream it is what we need to better face the days. However, you don’t always want to go out to get an ice cream, especially in recent times and with a similar warm.

The perfect solution might be to buy one ice cream maker, that is a household appliance that allows the production of homemade ice cream in a short time and in a few simple steps. Not only you will save money but also calorie because you will be the one to choose the ingredients to make the ice cream.

Before proceeding and discovering the best ice cream makers of 2021, we need to clarify an important aspect. As mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of ice cream makers on the market: self-refrigerating e accumulation (with the basket). What are the main differences between them?

the self-refrigerating ice cream makers they are the most technological ones because they have a integrated freezing system able to reduce preparation times. These models, in fact, they do not require pre-cooling of the container to be used. All you have to do is connect the plug to the socket, insert the ingredients you want and start: the ice cream maker will do everything by itself.

Non self-refrigerating ice cream makers, more commonly known as accumulation, are instead characterized by two main elements: the double-walled cooler basket and the low wattage motor. The basket contains the famous liquid which keeps temperatures low throughout the freezing process. The engine, on the other hand, allows the whipping shovel to turn slowly e constant, to obtain the classic consistency of ice cream.

Now that we understand the differences, let’s find out together three self-refrigerating ice cream makers e three accumulation ice cream makers. We are confident that you will find the machine that best suits your needs.

The best self-refrigerating ice cream makers 2021: Erika

The ice cream maker Erika 2-in-1 it is a special ice cream maker because it allows you to make gelato and so too yogurt. Characterized by a power of 250 watt and a capacity of 2.5 liters, you can easily check it with the display touchscreen, simple and intuitive.

The ice cream maker is also characterized by four main functions. In addition to the common functions gelato, yogurt e mixing, the ice cream machine with compressor also offers the pre-cooling as a new feature. This way you will get creamy and delicious ice cream and yogurt.

Thanks to transparent lid and toopening for filling you always have everything under control and you can perfect your specialties by adding dried fruit, fruit, chocolate chips, biscuits and much more.

As soon as your ice cream is ready, the Erika ice cream maker will warn you with an audible warning. Thanks to the touchscreen display, you can choose yours favorite sound and set it as default. Your ice cream, even the most abundant portion, will be ready in just over 50 minutes while the homemade yogurt is ready in 8 ore.

Erika, the special 2-in-1 ice cream maker, is available on Amazon for the price of 399 euro.

Magimix Gelato Expert

Magimix Gelato Expert is one of the best self-refrigerating ice cream makers on the market. It is an ice cream maker with compressor and an engine from 180W, very powerful, which reduces the time of preparation of the ice cream. Depending on the recipe you have chosen, the times may vary from 20 to 45 minutes: a record time.

The ice cream maker is then equipped with two baskets, both from 2L: one is fixed while the other is easily removable. In addition, this ice cream maker is also characterized by four features, a manual e three automatic (sorbet, fruit and cream ice cream). Thanks to these programs, you can adjust the consistency of your ice cream.

Magimix Gelato Expert can also boast the storage function, which keeps the temperature stable for at least two hours after preparation. Finally, thanks to the transparent lid, it is possible to add ingredients and check the status of the ice cream.

The ice cream maker is available on Amazon for the price of 589 euro.

Koenig HF320

Koenig HF320 is a self-refrigerating ice cream maker characterized by a 180W motor. The machine performs approx 24 revolutions per minute, this means that preparation times may turn out longer compared to previous models. The ice cream maker is also equipped with a basket with the capacity of 2L, which allows you to prepare very large portions of ice cream.

This machine is also characterized by the ice cream storage function, which keeps the temperature low for an hour after preparation. Koenig also is silent, practice and very simple to use. It also has a spatula made specifically to limit the formation of lumps and crystals during preparation.

Thanks to digital screen you can follow the preparation time but it is not necessary to monitor the preparation because the ice cream maker stops automatically when the ice cream is ready and the machine switches to the cold maintenance function.

The Koenig HF320 ice cream maker is available on Amazon at the price of 239 euro.

The best storage ice cream makers: Duronic IM540

The accumulation ice cream maker Duronic IM540 is capable of making ice creams, sorbets and even other homemade frozen desserts. The machine is very simple to use: all you have to do is put the bowl in the freezer (for at least 8-12 hours) and the ingredients in the fridge so that they cool down.

As soon as the ingredients are cold and the bowl is frozen, place it inside the ice cream maker, then activate the machine and insert the ingredients carefully. Duronic is equipped with non-slip feet which guarantee stability during operation.

Ice creams and sorbets can be made in approx 15 – 30 minutes: it all depends on the temperature and quality of the ingredients used. Thanks to transparent lid, it is possible to check the status of the ice cream until the desired consistency is reached. The convenient timer on the lid, it will notify you when your ice cream is ready.

Furthermore every component of the machine is removable: in this way you can wash and clean everything easily.

Duronic IM540 is available on Amazon for the price of 46,99 euro.

Klarsstein Creamberry

The Creamberry is an ice cream maker with excellent performance and with low energy consumption: in one hour it consumes only 10W. As a storage ice cream maker, we remind you that the container must be placed in the freezer for at least 8 hours before use.

With the ice cream maker Klarstein Creamberry you can prepare delicious ice creams, frozen yogurt and sorbets in just a few minutes. In just 20 minutes the machine transforms the ingredients inserted into the container from 1,5L in tasty gelat creamsor. Klarstein is also capable of prepare delicious smoothies and its ice bucket can be used for keep drinks cool on hot summer days.

Using the ice cream maker is really easy and takes place via i two buttons on the lid. From here you can select the various settings and view them on the display digitale.

The Klarstein Creamberry storage ice cream maker is available on Amazon for the price of 49,90 euro in two different colors.

Princess Ice cream machine

We conclude with the Princess Ice cream machine, characterized by a bowl capable of holding up to 1,5L of ice cream. The removable bowl must be placed, as you well know, in the freezer at least 8 hours before of use so that it is cold enough. In about 20 minutes you will have a creamy ice cream to enjoy with your family.

During the process it is also possible to add ingredients through the convenient filling opening.

Thanks to its compact size, the Princess ice cream machine can be easily stored in any place or carried in camping. This way, you can make delicious homemade ice cream on a hot day even when you are on vacation.

The bowl of the Princess Machine ice cream maker is easily removable so you can keep your homemade ice cream in the freezer. To conclude the bowl and all other detachable parts are dishwasher safe oh mano: this makes cleaning quick and easy.

The ice cream maker is available on Amazon for the price of 54,90 euro.

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