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Will Microsoft Edge be the second most used browser in the world?

Microsoft Edge continues to be on the crest of the wave, also thanks to the numerous features that have been introduced in the browser during the past months, just think of the integrated browser games of Solitaire and Mahjong. Now, thanks to these additional functions and much more, Microsoft Edge is preparing to become the second most used browser in the world, only undermined by Google Chrome, at least according to some analysts.

Will Microsoft Edge be the second most used browser in the world?

As you have surely already guessed, the gap in terms of use between Chrome and Edge is enormous. Just to give you the exact distance figure we’re talking about, Chrome is currently on 65.38% of PCs worldwide, where Microsoft Edge stops at 9.54%. It is strange that one of the most used browsers has numbers so different from the first in the ranking, but on the other hand the domain of Google it is almost absolute.

In second place, however, we still find Safari, Apple’s browser, which is installed on 9.84% of PCs on the market; clearly in this case we are talking exclusively about products of the apple company. According to many analysts, however, Safari is destined to drop in position, given that Edge’s growth trend shows no sign of stopping, also thanks to Windows 11.

In fact, in practice Edge has already overtaken Safari in some regions, such as Europe and Asia, while only in the United States the apple browser continues to be the most used of the two (11.93% against 16, 87%). The situation is different for the devices mobilewhere instead to dominate are Safari and Chrome, with Edge having numbers so low that they do not even fall into the classic: an element that is not surprising given that in these systems it must be downloaded manually.

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