Will Samsung eliminate the headphone jack from its smartphones? Here is the leak

Samsung eliminerà il jack per le cuffie dai suoi smartphone? Ecco il leak thumbnail

The iPhone X launched way back in 2017 can be seen as responsible for the fall into disuse of the headphone jack 3.5 mm. There are dozens if not hundreds of wireless earbuds today, covering a wide range of prices, qualities and sizes, so much so that Samsung may have finally decided it’s time to upgrade the headphone jack once and for all, at least from its Galaxy A series.

Is Samsung getting rid of the headphone jack?

There are several reasons to justify the withdrawal of the headphone jack: one of the biggest is to reduce the thickness of the phone by a few millimeters and therefore make more space for the components inside, such as a larger battery. The other aspect is that of the reduction in the cost of building the phone, which translates into a small reduction in the selling price of the same.

A reasoning that includes a paradox, however, especially if you consider that users of a smartphone without a headphone jack will then have to buy a new pair of wireless headphones. This element can become particularly problematic for some markets that still show some resistance to buying new accessories when the old ones still work perfectly. The same markets in which the Galaxy A33 5G would be launched.

The new leak regarding the phone bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy A53 5G, leaked last week and, unsurprisingly, they both don’t have the 3.5mm port. We can reasonably expect at this point that the Galaxy A73 5G will follow suit.

These two wouldn’t be the first Galaxy A series phones to do away with the headphone jack, but there’s no doubt they’re creating a production pattern. The entry-level Galaxy M may also be affected by the jack removal, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Samsung eliminated it from most of its phones on all tiers within the next year.

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