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Will Snapchat Dark Mode for Android be paid for?

The main social platforms now allow you to have a light and a dark mode. This is obviously the color of the interface, white for the light one and black for the dark one. Despite that, Snapchat has been quite reticent about a dark mode, especially on Android. The dark mode has in fact arrived on the iPhone app, but not on Android devices.

Recall that Android 10 allows you to set the dark mode for the operating system. A setting that all apps that support dark mode adjust to. All but one, guess which one.

Snapchat: dark mode on Android for subscribers only?

However Gizchina, taking up a leak of Alexander Paluzzi, let it be known that dark mode on Android is coming, but it won’t be free. According to Paluzzi the dark mode on Android will be only available to Snapchat+ subscriberswhich currently costs €4.59 per month.

In the screenshots below Paluzzi shows us the darkmode look on Snapchat.

From the screens we notice that there are three options: Match System, Always Light e Always Dark. The first allows you to adjust to the setting of the operating system, while the other two make us choose between always light and always dark. Three interesting options, except that, according to Paluzzi’s information, these options will be paid.

We currently don’t know when dark modes will be available to subscribers, but we do know that dark mode is available for free for iOS devices. Finally, we remind you that those of Paluzzi are leaks. So it’s not official news and Snapchat hasn’t announced any news about it.

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