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Will the iPhone 13’s Face ID also work with the bezel?

One of the problems of the Face ID Apple was theuse of the mask which made the functionality almost useless. Apple has updated theApple Watch, as a temporary measure to cope with the inconvenience of users, to be able to unlock the iPhone when a bezel is detected. However, this solution requires all iPhone users to have an Apple Watch. A not exactly convenient solution, especially for those without the bitten apple smartwatch. According to recent reports Apple would be testing new technologies for the iPhone 13’s Face ID, to be able to unlock the smartphone by wearing a mask.

The iPhone 13’s Face ID may also work with fogged face masks and glasses

The biggest feature of this potential new Face ID sensor is that can be used with masks and it works even when your glasses get fogged up, again because of the masks. Jon Prosser said Apple employees would be testing the new Face ID on iPhone 13 hardware, so hopes for it to arrive on the next iPhones are high.

Photo Credits: Jon Prosser | Front Page Tech.

Comparing the set of sensors and the camera on the top of the iPhone 12 with the photos discovered by Jon Prosser, you can see that there are some differences. The camera of the device under test by the employees is on the left, while the selfie camera in the iPhone 12 is on the right.

There is currently no news on how exactly Apple is changing Face ID technology. The source says the company is testing the new feature, but no other technical details are mentioned.

The possibility of being able to unlock the iPhone while wearing the faceplate would be a big step forward for the user experience. Unlocking with Face ID has always been extremely efficient, but in the last period many users have felt the lack of a physical unlock, perhaps with the fingerprint. Apple, to fix it, has entered the unlock via Apple Watch, but of course you need to have one. And if not, this feature isn’t all that convenient. In any case, very little is missing launch of the iPhone 13 range, so we’ll find out more details shortly.

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