MacBook Air 2022 avrà una "tacca" sul display? Ecco il rumor thumbnail

Will the MacBook Air 2022 have a “notch” on the display? Here is the rumor

A rumor has been circulating for quite some time now that the MacBook Air 2022 should flaunt the same notch seen in the M1X MacBook Pro models. It is in fact by now a shared opinion that the successor of the MacBook Air M1 will arrive on the market with some design changes, and perhaps the most significant could be precisely the notch.

Will the MacBook Air 2022 have a notch on the display?

An informant known under the pseudonym of “ty98” explained that it is very likely that Apple will opt for a design change for the MacBook Air 2022. Unfortunately, the new information does not provide a reason why the company would have chosen this path, but it would be plausible to imagine that the change in design would have to do with an element that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

For example, the iPhone X launched in 2017 featured that same notch that the new MackBook Air should also have to house the TrueDepth camera and other components needed to equip the phone with Face ID capabilities.

It is likely, if the rumor is true, that the notch will be added to the MacBook Air 2022 to give it the same functionality and, if we are lucky, Apple will keep the Touch ID, in order to offer users more ways to access their notebook.

Unfortunately, we may not see the 2022 MacBook Air early next year as, according to an earlier report, production will start much later in the year. This phase may take a little longer due to the design change and hardware changes. A justified wait though, as these revisions should make the MacBook Air very attractive as a low-cost alternative to the MacBook Pro.

To have confirmation of all this, unfortunately, we just have to wait.

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