Will there be a third season of Loki? Wright’s statements

Rosy Talarico

After the success of the first season we are all waiting for October 6th to enjoy the second season of Loki. But will it also be the last? Kevin Wright, executive producer of the series has released statements regarding a possible third season of Loki

The second season of Loki is upon us. This is the series whose protagonist is the God of Deceit, starring a fantastic Tom Hiddleston. In this series, Loki moves between different timelines trying to clean up the disasters caused in the season 1 finale. The highly anticipated new episodes will be available on the Disney+ platform starting next October 6th. The executive producer of the series, Kevin Wright, answered the question that all fans of the series and of the MCU in general are asking themselves, that is: will there be a third season of Loki?

Wright’s statements regarding the third season of Loki

The answer is very enigmatic and leaves room for different interpretations:

We’re definitely thinking about how we can continue to tell the basic stories of the TVA and Loki. What I would say is that the first and second seasons were always conceived as two chapters of the same book. We want to close this book, but I think there are many more on the shelf.

Therefore, the producer has not openly declared the project of a new season, but he hinted that in the future of Marvel the TVA (Time Variance Authority), the fictitious authority responsible for monitoring and maintaining the continuity of the timelines, could be central. In short Wright confirms that Loki was already conceived as a two-season series and therefore Loki’s journey between timelines will end in this second season. The creative team began to suspect that several cliffhangers may damage the product. Nothing that hasn’t already been seen in other series: too many seasons and too many pretexts to continue the characters’ storylines risk making the series become boring and repetitive. Therefore it is expected that Loki’s ending will be more closed than usual.

Wright’s statement continues and concludes:

All of us involved felt that Season 2 was about closing that book, but that there are so many more books on the shelf for this character and this world. This felt like it should be the conclusion of the big story lines we created in season 1. We don’t want to constantly leave people with drastic cliffhangers in our finales

Only watching the second season will be able to dispel our doubts regarding the producer’s statements, so all we have to do is click on “play” in the Loki box starting from October 6th on Disney+. If you want to stay up to date on the world of cinema and TV series, continue to follow us here!

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