Will YouTube overtake Netflix in 2022? Yes, according to studies

YouTube supererà Netflix nel 2022? Sì, secondo degli studi thumbnail

We can safely say that Netflix is currently on the crest of the wave, even if the scepter of best streaming service is firmly held by HBO Max. However, the situation could change very soon, at least according to some insiders, who have explained how YouTube it could replace Netflix in 2022 as the largest streaming platform.

YouTube batterà Netflix?

YouTube and Netflix actually have only a handful of features in common: YouTube is a social media, while Netflix specializes in very different types of streaming services. However it is evident that YouTube’s emphasis on video content makes it a strong competitor for streaming.

Neil Campling, analyst at Mirabaud Equity Research, said that while Netflix has long been the industry leader in terms of revenue, YouTube’s continued growth should allow social to overtake the platform by this year.

Part of YouTube’s rapid growth is due to the fact that the company is able to provide live streaming services that Netflix does not have. Eg, the concert of rapper Travis Scott on Fortnite in 2020 it was broadcast simultaneously on YouTube and was seen by more than 140 million viewers.

Another example, dating from late last year, are the more than 142 million people who watched the play Squid Game put in place by YouTube creator MrBeast in 8 days.

However, we can only point out that while Netflix may generate less revenue, it does have numerous advantages on its side. First of all the close ties with the best talents of Hollywood and dozens of Oscar nominations just to name two good examples.

The downside is that the cost of maintaining this level of content competition is getting higher and higher. Market players with large financial resources such as Disney, Amazon and Apple have invested heavily in this field not by chance.

As for Netflix, the company is expected to invest almost this year 14 billion dollars in content and by 2025 this number could reach 19 billion dollars.