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Winbond: LPDDR4 / 4X 100BGA reaches the JEDEC standard

Winbond’s LPDDR4 / 4X 100BGA reaches the JEDEC standard for improved energy savings and reduced carbon emissions in a smaller package

Winbond Electronics Corporation (here for more about the company) is a leading global provider of semiconductor memory solutions. The company today announced that its new 100BGA LPDDR4 / 4X package reached it standard JEDEC JED209-4 . This guarantees the energy saving and carbon reduction. The LPDDR4 / 4X is now available in a container 100BGA space saving that measures only 7.5X10 mm2. The device is ideal for IoT applications that require higher throughput in a small package to allow designers to reduce PCB size for more compact IoT designs.

Winbond LPDDR4 / 4X 100BGA details

The memory LPDDR4/4X di Winbond is available in 1 Gb and 2 Gb densities, supporting speeds up to 4267 Mbps. It is available in both Single-Die-Package (SDP) with a density of 2 Gb and Dual-Die-Package (DDP) with a density of 4 Gb. The higher speed of LPDDR4 1CH x16 4267 Mbps offers improved performance over previous DDR4 x16 3200 Mbps devices. This is particularly useful for consumer applications. Winbond warrants that the LPDDR4 / 4X product line will be produced at least for i next ten yearswhich is good news for automotive and industrial applications where long design cycles are common practice.


Winbond has been developing the memory product market for many years. We have paid great attention to the needs of our customers and the development trend of new technologies and have successfully developed the next generation of LPDDR4 / 4X. By adding the new 100BGA package to meet the needs of emerging IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

These are the statements from the Winbond company regarding the new one LPDDR4/4X of Winbond which has reached the JEDEC standard.

And you? What do you think of this Winbond’s new LPDDR4 / 4X 100 BGA which has reached the JEDEC standard? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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