Windjammers 2: release date announced

A new trailer has revealed the release date of Windjammers 2, which from day one will also be available within the Xbox Game Pass

There are now very few days to go until the end of the year, but it seems that, despite the tight time available, there is room for yet another videogame delay. This time to undergo a new slip is Windjammers 2, the title developed by the boys of Dotemu (known for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap and Streets of Rage 4) which, by means of a trailer, was given a new release date. Fortunately we will not have to wait long, since the official debut is set just over a month away from the moment you are reading these lines.

Windjammers 2 finally has a release date

In spite of the delay, there are still a few days left before the launch of the sequel to the classic title of the Neo Geo stable, which will in fact be available starting from next January 20. The news reaches us together with a new one gameplay trailer, which as always you can see a little further down, through which it is possible to refresh the mechanics of the production signed by Dotemu.

There will be no shortage of playful options l’arcade mode, a ranked online league and the Casual PvP, to which obviously new levels and moves will be added, which will also include the classic dropshot, slapshot and EX Moves for each character. Among these we will find the historians Hiromi, Klaus, Loris, Steve, Jordi, but also new entries such as Sophie, Max Hurricane, Jao and Sammy, who will complete the roster.

As for the Arcade Mode of Windjammers 2, this will feature tournaments, featuring optional challenges. Obviously, the multiplayer, both locally and online. In conjunction with the release date just unveiled, the game will be available in Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, PC, Google Stadia and Xbox family console formats, with the latter also including it. as part of the Xbox Game Pass offering.

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