Toyota unveils 16 new electric vehicles arriving in the coming years

Toyota svela 16 nuovi veicoli elettrici in arrivo nei prossimi anni thumbnail

Toyota announced 16 new fully electric vehicles at an event it organized in Tokyo in partnership with Lexus. The company has not revealed the technical details of the models that will be released in the coming months but has disclosed some teasers that show at least the design they should be inspired by if it were not the definitive one.

Toyota, which is not very keen on following the electric transformation in the automotive industry, has unveiled SUVs, crossovers, compacts, sedans, pickups, buses and sports cars. In short, there is a model for all tastes and budgets, waiting to know more about the expected launch dates.

Here are the new Toyota electric vehicles that will come out in the future

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, known for his harsh statements about electric motor vehicles, was one of the names who took the stage at the event. Speaking of Toyota’s plans for the future, the CEO said electric vehicles are one of the most promising options when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. According to Akio Toyoda, the company’s overall strategy in the automotive revolution will continue with “Low carbon vehicles” (hybrids) and “zero-emission vehicles“.

Toyota ha presented his first fully electric vehicle, il bZ4X, in an event that held some time ago. On the platform named bZ SUVs, compact SUVs and cars shown at the Tokyo event will also be built. Industry sources think the engine that powers the bZ4X will appear in other models and the main difference between the vehicles will be the range. According to estimates, each model will offer autonomy of at least 300 kilometers and the battery capacity will be scaled according to the vehicle design.

As for the models introduced on the Lexus front, we see that in this case, as it was logical to expect they are cars crossover e SPORTS to be the master. Even in this case, however, the technical details of these vehicles are unknown for now. However, we can easily claim that sports cars that launch with the Lexus logo will have a design really impressive.

In statements released by Toyota, the company says it aims to launch a total of 30 models fully electric, including commercial vehicles, by 2030. We can say that this figure is quite ambitious. If the company is determined in this goal, by 2022, it will appear with an average of 4 electric motor vehicles each year. Also, Toyota wants sell only electric motor vehicles by 2035.

However, at this point there is something that contrasts with what has been stated. Although Toyota has made a radical decision in the electric motor vehicle industry, keep looking for alternatives. In this context it is already known that the company wants to design vehicles that run on hydrogen. If Toyota manages to create an alternative to electric motor vehicles, we can easily guess that the company could revise its stated goal, shifting investments to another sector that is perhaps even more profitable.