Windows 10: discovered a new problem with optional updates

An issue with optional add-ons discovered on Windows 10. It allows, in fact, to install one update at a time

The management of optional updates is giving some problems to the huge user of Windows 10. This is an issue with optional upgrades. Normally, the latter are not so necessary to be installed, however they are often decisive for solving problems with the operating system or with external hardware devices.

The problem is the following: if more optional packages are available for the version of the operating system in use, Windows 10 always and only offers one update at a time.

Example and solution

Let’s take an example to clarify the problem. Let’s assume we need to install a feature update, such as Windows 21H1. This package, of course, takes priority over any other optional updates. The aforementioned bug in the operating system of the Redmond multinational means that no other packages are shown as long as you don’t install Windows 21H1.

Windows 10: discovered a new problem with optional updates

This is certainly a fairly important and limiting problem as, as mentioned, these optional packages make it possible to avoid waiting for the next “patch day” to solve problems detected on the pc or on workstation. The only solution currently viable lies in accessing the Microsoft Update Catalog. From the following portal, it will be possible to search via the update identifier (KB) specifically update and download it in manual way.

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