E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

In this article we have collected all the announcements that took place during the PC Gaming Show, which took place within the 2021 edition of E3

The PC Gaming Show, which we collect in this article all ads, is the conference of the 2021 edition of E3 dedicated to independent developers and for gamers who prefer to use the computer. This is an apparently less prestigious appointment than others, but which in the past has proved capable of stealing the show with unexpected revelations. Let’s find out together if this time too the show was able to surprise us.

A lot of meat on the fire

The PC Gaming Show, for its edition within the E3 2021, has chosen to focus on quantity: taking into consideration all the announcements, the event treated dozens of different titles. For some of them only a short one has shown up trailer, while others have also been able to observe the gameplay. Finally, in still other cases the developers were consulted directly, who proceeded to present their products in person.

In addition, the evening also saw the participation of Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve. Newell, after the usual greetings from the repertoire, presented the 2021 edition of the Steam Next Fest, which will take place starting from the next June 16, and which will give players the opportunity to try out different titles in preview, including some of those present during the same PC Gaming Show.

Free for all – E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

When it comes to multiplayer online, there is no doubt that the battle royale genre is by far one of the most loved by players. It is therefore not surprising that several titles more or less attributable to this game idea were presented during this panel. Let’s find out the details together.

  • Naraka Blackpoint: The title set in a fantasy version of medieval Japan has a launch date: will be available from 16 Agosto2021. Also, it will be possible to play one version open beta from the June 16 to 22.
  • Chivalry 2: announced the arrival of post launch content for the brutal simulator of medieval battles. In particular, one was shown new map, which will be available soon.
  • Rawmen: it is a title with a decidedly cartoonish design, whose gameplay invites players to take part in a chaotic battle with food. Its distribution is handled by tinyBuild.
  • GigaBash: announced exclusively, the title developed by Passion Republic Games is a beat ’em up which gives the player the ability to control a huge kaiju and to clash with other monsters within urban scenarios all to be devastated.
  • Lumberhill: plus a co op than a battle royale, the title made by 2BIGo and ARP Games, that is already available for PC, invite players to take on the role of a group of lumberjacks to embark on funny adventures in the midst of a decidedly hostile nature.

E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

The stars are the new frontier – E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

The space race, which characterized the second half of the last century, could finally be ready to start again and, probably because inspired by this renewed interest in the exploration of the cosmos, there are also many developers who have turned their gaze towards the sky. The edition linked to E3 2021 of the PC Gaming Show has in fact contained numerous announcements regarding titles set in space: let’s review them all.

  • Next Space Rebels: the game realistically simulates the experience of building a rocket, starting from amateur projects to get to the construction of machines destined to escape from Earth’s orbit. It will be available for PC and for Nintendo Switch.
  • Ixion: the event presented exclusively the first trailer of the management title, which will give the player the opportunity to administer a space station.
  • Mechwarriors 5 Mercenary: the presentation focused on the presentation of the contents of the DLC Heroes Of The Inner Sphere, published on May 27th.
  • Citizen Sleeper: this umpteenth exclusive, which is expected to be published a early 2022, inserts typical mechanics of the RPG paper in a gloomy space setting , which brings to mind the imaginary cyberpunk.
  • Eve Online: announced the creation of a tutorial site, called Eve  Academy, for the well-known free to play multiplayer game.

E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

Role playing – E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

The GDR is one of the most long-lived and loved genres by gamers and, in particular, by those who prefer to run their own titles through PC. This type of game, after decades of development, can rely on numerous lodgings. These are often also very different from each other and guarantee the presence on the market of a differentiated offer capable of satisfying every palate.

  • Dodgeball Academia: The game is set in a modern day high school and has the dodgeball (also known as the poison ball) at the center of his story. The title, which can count on one nice 2D graphics, will be available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Vampire The Masquerade – Swansong: shown a new trailer, also containing some fragments of gameplay, from the spin off title of the Vampire The Masquerade saga. It should be published before the end of the year.
  • WarTales: the title frommedieval setting was revealed via the exclusive broadcast of his first trailer. It should feature a system of turn-based combat, apparently very classic, and by the general gloom of design.
  • Arboria: the game by Dreamplant, of which we have seen a trailer, is characterized above all by the design dark. After a long stay in early access, the arrival by the end of 2021 of the full version.
  • Soulstice: the new action RPG, developed by the newcomer Reply Game Studios, was presented with a trailer and a short gameplay video; the period where the game is expected to be distributed.
  • Mech Pity: even the title of Whaleenought Studios has chosen to bet on one 2D graphics. As for the setting, the game openly refers to thecyberpunk imagery.
  • Sacrifire: announced through a trailer this new Japanese-style RPG, which can count on one fascinating 2.5D graphics. Within the presentation video, they announced that the game will also feature theoriginal gameplay of the fighting.

E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

90 the fear – E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

We continue the presentation of the 2021 edition of the PC Gaming Show, which took place within the schedule of the E3 sector fair, with the presentation of all the announcements related to titles and developers belonging to the genre horror. As in the case of the GDR, here too the proposed offer is distinguished by the remarkable diversity that it contains inside.

  • Dying Light 2: Numerous plot details have been revealed for the highly anticipated sequel developed by Techland. The release date of the title was also revealed.
  • Gloomwood: We have unfortunately really seen the new title developed by New Blood little: his presentation was cut to make room for a nice (?) curtain, in which the spokesperson of the studio was also involved.
  • Killing Floor 2: announced the expansion Interstellar insanity for the multiplayer shooter developed by Tripwire Interactive. THE new content they will take the players into space, inside environments that are very reminiscent of those typical of the saga of DOOM.
  • Chernobylite: it was announced that the game, which remembers Stalker both in the settings and in the gameplay, it will be distributed starting from the next July 28, 2021.
  • Hello Neighbor 2: the conference was an opportunity to show a new trailer, also containing some pieces of gameplay, from the sequel to one of the most original titles survival horror on the market.
  • Pioneer: it is another title that evidently refers to Stalker. We were shown a long trailer, containing several passages of gameplay.

E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

Management and Strategy – E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

As for the management and strategy games, the PC has almost always been there primary destination. It is therefore not surprising that, on the occasion of this E3 2021, the PC Gaming Show has reserved several announcements for video games related to the various inclinations of this genre: below, we have listed them all.

  • Humankind: the title developed by Sega, of which the release date of the beta version, it’s a historical management in Civilization style, which will surely arouse the interest of fans of the genre.
  • Lakeburg Legacy: the one developed by Ishtar Games is definitely a particular title: it is a management which gives the player the opportunity to prosper a village through the control of romantic relationships of its inhabitants.
  • Warhammer 40,000 Chaosgate – Daemon Hunter: announced for 2022 the arrival of the sequel to the classic title of war strategy set within the fantasy universe of Warhammer 40,000.
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2: during the event a trailer of the title based on the film saga of the same name was shown, which allows the player to manage your own dinosaur park. No information regarding the release period was revealed.
  • Songs of Conquest: the title, which is in development at Lavapotion, aims to be the spiritual sequel to Heroes of Might And Magic. The trailer shown revealed that it should be released during the first part of 2022.
  • Orcs Must die! 3: revealed the exit date of the third chapter of the tower defense saga: the next 23 July. The game, as well as on PC, will also be available on Xbox e PlayStation.
  • The Wandering Village: shown a short trailer of the title, in which you can see some details of the self-propelled village, placed on the back of a dinosaur, which the player will be called to manage. No other information was released.

E3 2021: all the announcements of the PC Gaming Show

More Unique Than Rare – E3 2021: All PC Gaming Show Announcements

We left these titles last not because they are less interesting, on the contrary: among them there are perhaps those who more they hit us. The choice to talk about it only now comes from difficulty to make them fall within a specific classification: it is fascinating games and with at least one inside unique feature.

  • Lemnis gate: is perhaps this the most interesting title presented during the panel. It is a sci-fi shooter, featuring a unique gameplay, which inserts elements of strategy into the action in real time. Its release date has been revealed.
  • They Always Run: the game, announced through the publication of a trailer, is a metroidvania-style action that can count on fascinating 2D graphics and on a post apocalyptic setting not trivial.
  • Far Changing Tides: survival themed title with post apocalyptic setting. To do it…