Windows 11: Changing your default browser will be more difficult

Windows 11: cambiare browser predefinito sarà più difficile thumbnail

The arrival of Windows 11 will bring several new features for Windows users. Microsoft’s new operating system will continue to use Edge as its default browser. The American house, as confirmed by the first versions of its new operating system, aims at make switching web browsers more difficult for Windows 11 users. Setting Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the default browser will not be immediate.

Switching browsers with Windows 11 will be less intuitive

Microsoft tip to complicate changing the default browser in Windows 11. The goal is to “convince” users to continue using Edge, the only browser included by default in the new operating system. In Windows 11, to confirm the browser change, you will need to pay close attention.

After installing a new browser, for example, when opening the application, a screen will appear asking the user if they want to set the new browser as the default. So far, there are no substantial differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11.

A more elaborate procedure

The problem arises when you want to switch browsers later. From the Settings, in fact, it is necessary set the default browser for each type of extension (HTM, HTML, PDF, SVG, WEBP, XHTML, HTTP or HTTPS). The first tests confirm that only with Firefox it is possible to bypass this system and change the browser quickly.

Recall that Windows 11 is currently available for Windows Insider users. The stable version of the operating system, on the other hand, will only be available in the next few months, at the end of the development program still in progress.

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