Windows 11: is this the name of the next big update?

It is no longer a mystery that Microsoft is working on a major Windows update. So let’s find out what we need to prepare for

It is definitely described as the biggest update since the debut of Windows 10 in the summer of 2021. As described, the so-called Sun Valley, an internal codename provided by Microsoft, it will bring about numerous changes in almost every aspect. Not only new features, but also revolutionized user interfaces. May this be enough for name the new update as Windows 11 ?

Windows 11: is this the name of the next big update?

Indiscretions and expectations

For now, everything remains wrapped in an aura of misery. Lot of rumors but no tangible news. But a famous leaker arrives, Evan Blass, which revealed in recent days that Microsoft is actually working on a new operating system called Windows 11. Now it remains to be seen if this Windows 11 is really Sun Valley, expected in the fall, or if it’s another update we’ll see in next years.

The Redmond multinational has evolved its operating system from a typical piece of software to a full service. Following this logic, the naming “Windows 11” is somewhat in opposition to the criterion hitherto followed by the house Microsoft. To date, everything seems to be in the planning stage, but certainly we will know more in the next weeks.

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