Windows 11, the news for security and efficiency

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Microsoft updates the Windows 11 operating system with new experiences for everyone who has a Windows PC. After the launch of AI-powered Bing in the system tray, the May update thinks above all of those who work. With solutions such as security and IT management and many other new arrivals on Windows 11.

Windows 11, many new features in terms of security and efficiency

Lots of new features to make Windows 11 more attentive to privacy. With new app privacy settings and more. For example, you can see at a glance whether you’re using a VPN from notifications, or via quick settings.

Microsoft Pluton instead it ensures security from the cloud: it resists malware and offers greater protection for your data. And from June, we will receive notifications to understand when the account needs more security.

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Also arrives Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, which allows you to connect with PCs with 13th generation Intel processors. Among the widgets come news instead to stay informed with news of all kinds.

In the security area, greater protection arrives in preview with new features for the management of tokens during sessions in your accounts. And with Windows 365 Boot you can have all the benefits of the cloud, while maintaining high security.

In addition, there is news for IT management, simplifying work especially during smart working. And with the Autopatch feature it will be easy to stay up to date.

And then there’s lots of other news for businesses and IT managers, which you can find here.

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