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Winning with sports bets: chance or strategy? What techniques to apply to increase your chances of winning

Betting strategies are becoming more and more popular, especially among bettors who are learning to play: what are the strategies for which betting markets?

Many times it is thought that placing a winning bet mostly requires only a good dose of luck. This is undoubtedly true, sporting events are unpredictable and the results can change from moment to moment. There are many factors that determine the final result, from the mental game of the individual players, from the coach or even from a choice of the referee or even the weather conditions can determine the outcome of a match. However, sports betting experts know that luck is not enough to win, but there are decisive strategies and techniques to make the bet successful. We want to list some ideal strategies to improve your chances of winning.

The right strategy makes all the difference

The ability and the probability of victory depend exclusively on the player’s choices and strategies, our information is only indicative. A good technique to start betting is to locate a value bet. Value bets are odds with which the winning percentages are significantly higher than those given by the betting site. To find out if it is a value bet, you need to multiply the odds given by the bookmaker by the percentage that in our opinion represents the real possibility of that result occurring. If this calculation is greater than 1 then we are dealing with a value bet.

There are also some betting strategies that are more suitable and simple to follow and therefore more suitable for players who are starting to bet. Double Chance is a strategy much appreciated by bettors who do not like risk. This betting method involves betting on different outcomes, for example for a match we can bet 1 and as a double chance X so I’m betting on the first team to win and a draw as the second option.

Another modality is partial/final where you bet on two events where both the result after the first portion of the game and the final result are affected. The scommesse multiple is another betting method, where different bets are combined in order to take advantage of higher odds. Surebets are also popular, meaning safe sports betting, with which, thanks to the difference in odds between the different betting providers, leads in any case to a win.

Another very common mathematical approach, and more suitable for expert players, is the Kelly criterion. This allows for manage your budget suggesting the ideal figure to play. There are two variants, the full Kelly criterion and the fractional criterion, the latter proving to be very effective for better protecting the starting budget.

As you can see, there are many tactics to make our bets successful. Relying on chance can sometimes be useful and can even work but having a betting strategy is the key to being able to increase your chances of winning. On Livetipsportal.com/it you can find all the most used betting strategies to make a winning bet. You can also find use of the betting calculator to check how many chances you have of winning. Having a clear strategy is the key to success.

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