Winter World NVIDIA RTX: here is the virtual Christmas village made with Minecraft

NVIDIA has partnered with London Children’s Hospital – Great Ormond Street – to create the experience of the world’s largest virtual winter wonderland – all built inside Minecraft: it’s called Winter World NVIDIA RTX. Spanning over 150,000 square meters of virtual space, the creation of the new world required 300 hours and over 30 million blocks to be built by a specialized artist.

The largest winter festival in the world has opened its virtual doors to the public to experience the Christmas party atmosphere within a Minecraft world. Covering an area of ​​over 155,000 square meters, the virtual wonderland is 4 times bigger than the biggest real world seasonal event in Austria and asked the specialized artist Ushio Tokura over 300 hours of work and more than 30 million individual blocks to complete.

Winter World NVIDIA RTX: here is the virtual Christmas village made with Minecraft

Winter World NVIDIA RTX: Here is the largest virtual Christmas village made in Minecraft

Designed and commissioned by NVIDIA, the Winter World NVIDIA RTX it will offer families from all over the world an immersive and joyful experience to be explored and which visitors can enjoy directly from their homes in comfort. The new world will also offer theopportunity to raise funds and donate them to charity for NVIDIA’s partner, London’s Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Using NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), real-time ray tracing stunningly simulates the physical behavior of light, giving realistic reflections, shadows and other lighting effects, as visitors are transported to a world that offers a complete experience of winter wonderland and Santa’s grotto.

Inside the world you will find: roller coasters, a Christmas village, a lake perfect for ice skating, the penguin postal service and the zoo tent, with incredible plots and missions to be discovered. Christmas movie fans should too keep an eye on Easter Eggs dedicated to famous films such as Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Polar Express.

Winter World NVIDIA RTX: here is the virtual Christmas village made with Minecraft

NVIDIA partners with Great Ormond Street Hospital

The World also features a complete recreation of Great Ormond Street Hospital and visitors will be able to choose to donate – via a QR code – directly within the game, in order to contribute to the ‘Home for Christmas’ fundraising campaign, which aims to bring seriously ill children closer to their homes. In the campaign are included, through the funding of cutting-edge medical technologies, pioneering research programs in treatments and cures for rare diseases and support services for patients and families. The money raised will also help bring Christmas to hospital for children across the UK whose treatment must continue throughout the holidays, as well as fund important services for hospital staff working to care for patients and their families. . Visitors can also donate directly via this link.

NVIDIA stated that:

With the power of our RTX GPUs, we are thrilled to bring a truly unique virtual Christmas experience to families around the world. Our goal was to offer an accessible and free event to all families this Christmas, regardless of their situation, while supporting the vital work of our friends on Great Ormond Street. We hope to be able to collect as much as possible in order to best support them during this Christmas period.

Liz tait, fundraising director at GOSH Charity says:

We are thrilled to partner with NVIDIA, who have created this amazing experience for families around the world. We are very grateful for any donations that visitors to this incredible and festive winter wonderland will make, and for all who join in this charitable gesture. Every child should have the opportunity to be home with their families on Christmas Day, and with this donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital, you will help fund vital resources that can help bring seriously ill children closer to their homes. giving that special Christmas magic to the GOSH children whose treatment must absolutely continue during the holidays.

Winter World NVIDIA RTX: here is the virtual Christmas village made with Minecraft

How to access the Christmas village

Families can download the Winter World NVIDIA RTX in Minecraft from Below are the download details. Step-by-step instructions on how to install Winter World NVIDIA RTX:

  • Scaricare GeForce Experience and install the latest GeForce drivers
  • Make sure you have one GeForce RTX GPU installed in your PC
  • Download and install the latest version of Minecraft per Windows
  • Download the Winter World NVIDIA RTX here.
  • Locate the downloaded file and double-click
  • Minecraft for Windows will open and a dialog at the top of the screen will let you know when the world is installed
  • Click on Play> Create> Scroll to the bottom of the ‘imported templates’ section and click on Christmas Adventure RTX
  • Click Create and the Christmas adventure will begin
  • To check if Ray Tracing and DLSS are enabled: Go to Settings> Video> scroll down and make sure Upscaling and Ray Tracing are enabled.
  • Depending on the RTX GPU you have, you can increase the Ray Tracing Render Distance by 8 chunks in the video settings

And now you can enjoy the beauty of a Christmas village in total safety thanks to Winter World NVIDIA RTX. From the software section, that’s all, keep following us!

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