With its fourth edition, FeST – The Festival of TV Series is ready to return

Rosy Talarico

FeST – The Festival of TV Series, the first Italian festival entirely dedicated to television series in the era of streaming platforms, has now reached its fourth edition, and is ready to make its triumphal return for 23 – 24 – 25 September 2022 in Milan, in collaboration with the Milan Triennale.

For this fourth edition was chosen as the main theme of the festival Reframing Nature. Marina Pierri, artistic director of the festival explains the thematic choice as follows:

Reframing Nature turns the spotlight on the meanings we attribute to word “nature” and its own
declinations in TV stories.

Reframing means giving a new frame to a concept, because the frame is part of the painting and
it modifies the impact on the viewer. In psychological jargon, it implies the act of putting back into perspective,
rethink a certain aspect in multiple ways. And, often, transform it.

This is the first step in building an awareness that is impossible to ignore.
Flora, fauna and the mineral world are not the cardboard backdrop on which the characters move, but characters themselves; just as humanity not only lives in nature, but is an integral part of it. Thinking of ourselves as other than the planet, its resources, its other human and non-human inhabitants, becomes unthinkable.

Nature is a social construct: represents what is lawful or illegal to be in the company a
starting from one’s own body and the roles it predetermines.

Nature is telling stories: the most natural gesture that exists for the human being, the one capable of
make sense of reality.

Nature is the coexistence of differencesa term that gives a horizontal connotation to
enhancement of uniqueness, key to accessing the plurality of points of view that TV series are
able to offer.

With its fourth edition, FeST - The Festival of TV Series is ready to return

The structure of FeST

Also this year FeST will take place on four parallel stages:

  • il Main Stage: hosted inside the Triennale Milano Teatro, which will be dedicated to previews, interviews and entertainment with the great protagonists of fiction.
  • L’Industry Stage: inside the Agorà room, it will be the place of dialogue between broadcasters, distribution and production companies and various personalities linked to the audiovisual industry.
  • L’Unstage: it will be the stage hosted by the Triennale Gardens and will be responsible for giving voice to cult niches with unexpected games and interactions between reality and TV series.
  • Il Kids Stage: stage dedicated to children, with programming of previews and meetings with the protagonists of the series during the weekend.

For the second time, i will be awarded Serial Awards, awards dedicated to the best Italian TV series.

Participants and partnerships

FeST – The Festival of TV Series, is the first major cultural entertainment project signed by DUDE and BDC, created for dto document contemporary television narrative artshowcases the reference ecosystem of serial entertainment in Italy.

FeST, thanks also to its previous three editions 2018-2019-2021 and the 2020 Go FeST online spin-off
created in collaboration with Tlon, over the years it has already seen the participation of the largest national and international broadcasters and entertainment services, including Amazon Prime Video, De Agostini Editore, Discovery +, Disney +, Fox Networks Group Italy, Mediaset, Netflix, Rai Fiction , Sky, TimVision, Turner and ViacomCBS Networks Italia.

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