Con Vodafone il riciclo passa dagli smartphone thumbnail

With Vodafone, recycling passes through smartphones

Vodafone confirms its green nature with an interesting project by reuse and recycling of smartphones. An initiative organized in collaboration with Retrade, which will affect users across Europe starting next spring. In this way, the company’s customers will be incentivized to trade in and / or return their old phones, thus significantly reducing their environmental impact. But let’s find out in detail what it is.

Vodafone: a trade-in and recycling program for used smartphones is underway

In the coming months, Vodafone “will launch a new digital platform that will make it extremely easy for customers to evaluate the various offers to proceed with the exchange of their smartphones”. And once users have traded in their device, it will be up to the company to choose how to dispose of it. The options are varied: recycling, reuse “For social or benefit purposes” or re-entry into the market as refurbished smartphone “At competitive prices”. In short, various hypotheses, which in all cases benefit the environment. And to make the trade-in process possible, Vodafone has partnered with Recommerce, who will support users in every step.

To this, if you’re wondering why the mobile phone giant supports a recycling program, the answer is simple: electronic waste pollutes. And Italy is not yet deeply aware of this. “The next frontier of our strategy for the planet centers on the realization of a more circular economy for consumers and for the industry, both working individually and in collaboration with partners, developing innovative programs that can address the growing challenges related to to electronic waste ”, said Vodafone itself. And to give a clear idea of ​​the initiative’s impact, the company reported that 1 million refurbished smartphones could avoid the production of 50,000 tons of CO2. A convincing fact, it is clear. Ready to trade in?

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