With whom you travel: new clips of the film with Lillo and Fabio Rovazzi

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New clips of With whom you travel, the film directed by YouNuts! starring Lillo and Fabio Rovazzi

At the cinema only the 23, 24 and 25 May, With whom you traveli is an appointment not to be missed. The event film sees as protagonists Lillo, Alessandra Mastonardi, Michela De Rossi and Fabio Rovazzi. At the direction we find the duo instead YouNuts!composed of Antonio Usbergo and Niccolò Celaia, which he has already directed Under the sun in Riccione. Let’s watch the new clips of With whom you travel together!

The plot of With whom you travel

Four strangers meet thanks to an app to share a car trip. Everything seems to flow normally but reality is not what it seems. Paul (Lillo) is a restless, nice-looking man who seems to be hiding something. Michele (Fabio Rovazzi) and Anna (Alessandra Mastronardi) hide that they had a past together. Elisa (Michela De Rossi) does not know that he has a decidedly special relationship with Paolo. Between a chat and the other, laughter and twists, an on the road comedy with noir nuances that allows you to explore unexpected human relationships. A journey that turns into an adventure destined to change the lives of all the characters.https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = 9D7hB-dwDw0

Who you travel with is the remake Italian of a Spanish comedy, Con Quien Viajas, written and directed by Martin Cuervo. To direct the local version, as mentioned, are the Younuts!, Directors of music videos and two feature films before this one: Sotto il sole di Riccione and Altrimenti we angry. The screenplay, on the other hand, is signed by Matteo Menduni, Tommaso Renzoni and Pasquale Petrolobetter known as Lillowho plays the role of Paul.

What do you think of Who are you traveling with? Will you go see it at the cinema? Remember that you have until tomorrow not to miss it! We leave you the link of the trailer here! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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