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Iesus Martyr, on the rediscovery of Giuseppe Sciarra’s “cursed” film

Giuseppe Sciarra is one of the most interesting directors of the alternative cinema circuit: let’s go and discover his Iesus Martyr

There is a whole alternative world to the classic film circuit and that is what lives on the web and in alternative festivals. A living universe full of ideas, with interesting names like that of Giuseppe Sciarra, who over the years has been able to build a large group of admirers and admirers of his work. In the director’s cinematography, a prominent place is certainly occupied by Jesus Martyra film considered even “cursed” in search of revaluation and redemption.

Iesus Martyr: the “cursed” film by Giuseppe Sciarra

The film depicts with raw realism the typical day of a man suffering from alcoholism and from drug addiction. It is one of the many people who live on the margins of society, abandoned to themselves and their demons. People who make up a world that is often kept in the dark, which is hidden, but which proliferates at the edges and under the skin with respect to the society considered “canonical”.

Giuseppe Sciarra made this short film years ago, making use of the actor’s proof of Federico Balzarini. At the time of its making, the film was presented in various Italian film reviews, greatly disturbing the public who was able to attend the screening. Sciarra guides Balzarini in the truly refined interpretation of the protagonist, locked in his room, in perpetual struggle with those demons that make him almost a martyr, as the title underlines. Alongside Federico Balzarini there is Claudio Lolli, who plays the Mephistotelian drug dealer who acts as a tempting devil in the protagonist’s life. Their feeling on stage is very strong and contributes to the excellent success of the short.

Iesus Martyr fa della rawness its strong point, it is not afraid to slam the drama of the story it conveys in the face of the spectator, which is nothing but the drama of reality. It is a film that is not currently on any streaming platform, but which deserves more prominence given the peculiarity of the work staged.

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