WiZ Home Monitoring: between lighting and home security

WiZ Home Monitoring: una soluzione che unisce illuminazione e sicurezza domestica thumbnail

Signify, a leading lighting company, held yesterday the WiZ Digital Event in the course of which he presented to the world Home Monitoring. As you can guess from the name, it is a home security solution that integrates with the WiZ intelligent lighting system, to offer a simple and intuitive combination of light and home protection.

Home Monitoring also includes the Indoor Cameraa telecamera smart which communicates both with the lights and with a special application for remote management.

WiZ Home Monitoring features: what is it about?

We could define Home Monitoring a real ecosystem that allows lights, cameras and apps to stay connected. Among the most interesting technologies adopted by Home Monitoring we point out SpaceSense for detecting movements (and any intruders in the house).

The WiZ Indoor Camera is an intelligent camera that allows you to control what is happening in your home remotely. Thanks to this it is possible to always have a watchful eye on your rooms in case of trips or evenings out. Just open the WiZ app on your smartphone and watch live camera images, even at night thanks to night vision.

The chamber is also capable of detect any abnormal sounds (such as a broken window or a fire alarm), by sending an alert to the user’s app. The two-way audio allows you to communicate with those in the house at a distance, to discourage any intruders. Not only that, during the presentation we saw it in action while the home owner greeted the cat sitter.

WiZ Indoor Camera Home Monitoring

From a technical point of view, WiZ Indoor Camera guarantees one 120 degree wide angle view in Full HD and a slot for storing footage on an SD card. However, you can save footage directly from the app or keep it in the cloud.

WiZ Indoor Camera will be available in Italy from May 15th at the price of €103.50

WiZ Home Monitoring starter kit: from September in Italy

For those wishing to enter the WiZ world, lo starter kit Home Monitoring it is the ideal option. This includes the WiZ Indoor Camera and the WiZ bulbs, which integrate seamlessly into the WiZ Home Monitoring system. The Starter Kit will be available in Italy from September at the price of 183,99€.


Finally WiZ offers the possibility to subscribe to a optional subscription to access extra features. These include archiving multimedia content from the WiZ Indoor Camera in the cloud (for up to 30 days), defining monitoring areas or manually recording while the WiZ camera is in streaming mode.