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Proscenic presents DustZero S3

Proscenic presents DustZero S3, a cordless vacuum cleaner designed to offer the most advanced performance and a carefree cleaning experience, thanks to its innovative dust emptying base.

With this new launch, the company further strengthens its commitment to providing solutions, products and services capable of improving the quality of life and everyday life of families, through technology.

Proscenic presents DustZero S3

The cordless vacuum cleaner that effectively removes all dust

The most important feature of the newcomer in the family of cordless vacuum cleaners Proscenicit is precisely its ability to collect and preserve the powder automaticallywith great advantages in terms of hygiene and cleaning: it is in fact equipped with a completely sealed compartmentwhich allows you to remove the dust bag very easily, by large sizewhich can hold up to about 30 days of powder.

The innovative emptying base allows you to totally reduce the dust emitted into the air when emptying the dust collection bag; Additionally, you can use this compartment to store spare parts for your device.

DustZero S3 is also equipped with five layers of filtration and UV sterilization that trap 99.99% of ultrafine dust and allergens, while also eliminating odors.

“We are proud to introduce a product that combines cleanliness, power, functionality and ease of use to deliver the best experience on the market,” said Miles Jiang, Vice President of Proscenic. “We all want to live in a healthier environment, and eliminate dust and dirt from our homes. To do this, there is no better solution than DustZero S3”.

DustZero S3 is in fact equipped with a powerful suction motor brushless and 450 W which provides a suction power of 30.000 KPaamong the highest on the market.

Technology “VBoostIt also automatically adjusts the vacuum cleaner to get the best suction power based on the type of floor. The model is wireless and rechargeable, with an autonomy of up to 60 minutes, which is also among the highest on the market.

The lightweight vacuum cleaner weighs only 3 kg and can be easily moved around the house. The touch-screen a LED system shows real-time work modes, battery levels and maintenance alerts.

The LED headlight offers a bright view of dark spots, such as under the sofa or bed, ensuring absolute cleanliness.

DustZero S3 has four adjustable working modes: Eco Mode (basic cleaning), High Power (large amount of dust), Auto (automatically adjusts for optimal suction) and Turbo (maximum suction).

It features several brushes, including: a motorized brush for use on hardwood floors and carpets; a round brush which, together with the extension tube, is ideal for removing hair and dust from curtains, bookcases and sofas; a long crevice nozzle useful for removing dirt from nooks and crannies. A kit reserved for pet owners will be sold separately.

DustZero S3 is available at the price of 399€.

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