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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

Let’s see together in this guide some tricks and tips to dominate the battlefield in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The time to visit the Three Kingdoms has finally come because Team Ninja’s latest effort has been officially available on PC and console since March 3, and in this dedicated review you can find our in-depth analysis on the matter. The brand new work from the creators of the NioH series, like all exponents of the soulslike genre, offers a rather high degree of challenge. Therefore if you are looking for tips and tricks to bring home the skin in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty you are in the right place.

With the strong ways you get everything!

That Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty had Sekiro: Shadow Sei Twice as one of its main sources of inspiration is very clear from the very first bars of the game, therefore some of the tips and tricks you will find may remind you of the work of Hidetaka Miyazaki. One of the main characteristics common to most of the opponents facing each other in From Software titles is their aggressiveness. Here too there is certainly no exception, therefore the main advice we feel like giving you is to fight fire with fire.

In fact, we will have the Spirit Bar available, an indicator that works in a similar way to that of the posture seen in Sekiro. Both we and the enemies will be equipped with it and it will decrease as the shots received are parried. When the bar runs out, the enemy will become vulnerable to a critical attack capable of inflicting huge damage, but the same thing can happen to us too. This applies to practically all the opponents we will meet, even those who will invade us from time to time (whether they are NPCs or human invaders who have arrived in our game thanks to the online multiplayer mechanics). Therefore aim to empty the Spirit Bar as soon as possible, without giving the enemies a break, in order to turn the tide of the fight in your favor in the shortest possible time, as your opponents will try to do the same with you.

Deflecting opponents’ attacks (a bit the equivalent of “parry” in the various Souls) also contributes to the above purpose, but just as one would expect, this technique is not easy to perform at all and requires a lot of practice as if performed in incorrectly leaves you open to the enemy offensive. It will also be necessary to keep in mind that different weapons will require different time windows to make a perfect parry, so train a lot before facing the most fearsome enemies.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

The environment is my friend… isn’t it? – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

The game world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty hides a multitude of secrets, so in this guide to tips and tricks we can not fail to mention the importance of exploring the environment. As often happens in this genre, discovering new paths leads to facing secret bosses and mini-bosses (useful for enhancing one’s alter ego), but just as often one could come across hidden treasures, such as weapons, armor or the very useful Crystals and Essences Dragon Veins, which will allow you to improve your healing (increasing the number of uses and the amount of life recovered). Exploring each ravine in depth will also allow you not to miss even one of the very useful Battle Flags and Signal Flags (if you want to know more about them, you can find numerous other information for survival at this link).

Scattered throughout the Three Kingdoms, however, there will also be numerous traps from which you will have to beware. These range from lurking enemies ready to strike you when you least expect it, to real environmental dangers. In fact, you could come across pools of water capable of inflicting penalties that reduce your vital energy or hinder your movements. Nor should you rely too much on bridges and other similar infrastructures, as it is not excluded that they could easily decide to treacherously yield to your passage, causing a premature demise.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

It takes a break – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

One of the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind while tackling the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty campaign is the ability to pause the game. It is a real break, which will actually block the game, unlike many other exponents of the genre where the appearance of the various menus will almost never correspond to an effective block of the action. To do this, press the Menu key and then View on Xbox or the Options key and then the Touchpad on PS5.

In any case, if your desire is to catch your breath, remember that, at the Battle Flags, you can always choose to pay a visit to the Mt. Tianzhushan Village. It is in all respects a sort of hub where you can chat with various NPCs. Two of these in particular will be of vital importance for your adventure: this is the blacksmith Zhu Xia, which will allow you, among other things, to enhance your paraphernalia, and the sorcerer Zuo Ci, through which you can make a respec of the statistics (reassign all power-ups all over again to substantially change your character’s stats), as well as change your appearance as well.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

Not just enemies – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

In one of the first paragraphs of this guide to tips and tricks for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty we mentioned the multiplayer component of the title, which works in a similar way to that of other soulslikes. In addition to the possibility of being invaded by other human players (or NPCs in case you play offline), the game also allows you to do the same to recruit allies. Specifically, you can summon and be accompanied by up to two other human or NPC players. Except for some special cases, this is possible for practically the entire duration of the campaign, and will also be an option to take into consideration if you are having problems overcoming certain enemies, given that the difficulty of the game will not increase (but rather the presence of allies might help simplify some steps for you).

But, in the midst of so many enemies, even the sporadic friends you can meet while exploring the Three Kingdoms could come in unexpected forms. In fact, you could come across the funny and harmless Panda Demons, called Shitieshou. These cuddly bears have the curious habit of feeding on pieces of equipment, as long as you decide to offer them to them by simply abandoning them on the ground next to them. Once their meal is finished, the Shitieshou will reciprocate you with another random accessory whose value tends to be in line with the object you offered them. Our advice is not to discount the possibility of trying your luck with these cute little creatures a priori, also because it will not be uncommon to find yourself with excess equipment in your inventory.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: tips and tricks to dominate the battlefield

The art of war

The latest Team Ninja title is certainly very difficult and punitive, but, like most of the exponents of this genre, it can also be very rewarding, provided you are patient and learn to better master all the various mechanics. We hope that the tips and tricks in this guide have helped ease your journey through the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Now is the time to take action!

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