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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

We have condensed all the tricks you need to know to survive into seven tips: here’s what you need to know in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Approximately reached your twentieth minute of play, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will begin to shuffle your backs with the first boss of the game: while your avatar suffers the pains of hell under enemy blows, you will wonder what you need to know before picking up the controller. And this is where we come into play. The opening of the title is a masochistic ride worthy of the golden years of Takeshi’s Castle, while you will become familiar with some not very well explained gameplay rudiments. The system on which the foundation of the game is based is not yet clear, but luckily for you we have good news.

Our guide for beginners it will help you understand what is happening, based on what our esteemed colleague in charge of reviewing it has given us to understand. Let’s be clear: we go by groping, at least at the beginning. But if you want to stop at the bonfire—sorry, at the flag, you can read what we have to tell you about it. Better than kicking the snout all the time, don’t you think? We’ll help you understand the difference between Signal Flags and Battle Flags, where and how to travel, how equipment works, how it slows you down, and how to manage your Spirit Gauge. It begins!

Think of the game as a more linear Soulslike – What to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Unlike others soulslike, there’s no grinding in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (unless it’s part of your default plans, but we don’t know that). It’s more of a long walk, with a few “ARE YOU DEAD” in between. The story will have you traveling to different areas called Battlefields. The latter are pretty big, but the journey itself is quite a lot linear. Naturally, the most curious among you will be rewarded. But beyond the loot that you can find at the various crossroads, you can only learn to love the occasions in which you will be beaten by the ritual boss.

Before fighting against these tormentors, however, you will come across the aforementioned Flags, whether they are of one type or the other. The Battle flags they are the point from which you will start again when (not “if”, when) you die. Here you can level up and learn new Sorcery Spells. This is also where you will reload the equivalent of the Estus Flask, or the Dragon Care Jars. At the Signal flags you will be able to recharge your health, but not the Jars. Also, and most importantly, these Flags increase your Stamina, which works differently from Morale. Let’s talk about.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

How Morale and Fortitude work – What to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

We try to go fast: the Morale measure how many bad guys you knocked out without getting even. Of course, that’s an oversimplification, but that’s how it works. Morale (yours and your enemies!) translates into the power of a character: the higher it is, the less compliant the guy will be. And as the genre dictates, continuing is painful: lose to an enemy, and his morale will rise at the expense of yours. Dying also leaves half of your Life Force, which is the currency with which to level up. Return tit for tat to whoever knocked you down and you’ll have yours Vendetta. The enemy you want to avenge will have a flame next to the Morale value on his head.

To avoid losing too much of your morale (both in the sense of Morale in-game and understood as your state of mind) you must focus on Temper. We are not talking about the old station wagon as you would think, but about a statistic under which your Morale will never fall. It goes without saying, therefore, that with this trick you will be able to limit the damage to your next fight. One side note: Stamina rises when you hoist a new Signal Flag. Sadly, though, it resets the next primary (and non-primary) Battleground you reach. Yes, there are secondary ones!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

Side Battlegrounds involve side quests – What to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

If you are near a battle flag (and not a signal flag), you will have the opportunity to travel. And that’s how you can replay the previous sections of the game, including the tutorial, as well as play side missions. These are real Secondary battlefields, smaller and with shorter fights than their older brothers. Naturally, facing them can only do you great good: no act of masochism is ever really an end in itself in this kind of game (well, almost, see the “pendant” that in Dark Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki conceived as a “trick”… Bah).

Specifically, try your hand at these completely optional businesses will provide you with very attractive rewards. The latter can range from materials with which to improve your equipment and, of course, the equipment itself. Then the fact that the management of weapons and armor is decidedly more confusing than necessary is another matter to be addressed separately. For now, let’s just think about the most important aspect of the matter: the willy-nilly metal knick-knacks weigh. And could an integration into the gameplay by something purely aesthetic never be missing? We tell you: no.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

The weight of the equipment also affects the gameplay, more than meets the eye – What to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Rejoice: There are no classes in the game! Or rather, there are no predefined ones: it’s up to you to shape your style of play, with a lot of patience, as many deaths and some improper “little finger on the corner” exclamation. When you level up, pay attention to the Elemental virtues in which you choose to invest: weapons have their own hierarchy of rarity with an associated upgrade system. What you can wield depends a lot on your choices when leveling up. Evaluate the Equipment weight determines the arsenal your character can toss around, so pay attention to the game’s verdict.

You can increase the weight limit by doing the same with yours Virtue of the earth when you level up. Similarly, when choosing armor you will find a small icon at the bottom left of the image. The gauge determines whether it’s light, medium, or heavy armor. The helmet icon has a small bar, and each weight has a different length. After all, the loadout sheet will provide a percentage that we advise you to ignore, however, as it consists mostly of how close you have been to… you know what? Maybe it’s time to dwell on it.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

“It enters easily” – What to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Let us try to explain ourselves better: at the bottom of your equipment file you will find a percentage relating to the weight. This is not a guideline number for how close you are to the maximum transportable. We would have fallen for it too! No, the game in its sibylline actually means that it is a percentage relative to the object in question compared to the overall load. However, if you are looking for a percentage ratio between the equipped weight and the ceiling, you can find it elsewhere. What you are looking for is the screen Statuswhere you can also find any alterations.

The total you carry with you becomes a statistic that you will find in the Status menu of your avatar in the game. You will find the maximum of the equipment that can be carried, the percentage of the maximum weight reached by your armor and a rating in letters. These votes, “American style” if you will, are your statistics of Agility. An A concerns a percentage between 0% and 30%, the B translates into a number between 30% and 70%, the C varies from 70% to 100%, while the D also exceeds the 100% threshold . And “agility” does not only mean speed of movement, but also speed in emptying your…

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

Spirit Bar – What to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The Spirit bar it translates as a combination of a stamina bar (physical resistance to fatigue) and a mana bar (magic points). Like Morale, Spirit Gauge is not exclusive to the player. You will lose some Spirit whenever you get hit or dodge an attack, as well as when you use Sorcery Spells or resort to Martial Arts. Land a physical attack or deflect one (we’ll get to that) to regain some. The limits of this bar are susceptible to some attacks, and in these situations (as well as much else) you will have to learn to be careful.

When a Spirit Gauge is reduced to its lowest limit, that person (or demon) will remain stunned for a few seconds, leaving it vulnerable to powerful attacks. Your priority, in case it’s not clear, is to prevent the same from happening to you. Or, although the conjunction “and” is more advisable, make sure it happens to the enemy. Attacking a weak point that remains exposed for so long is invaluable during a boss fight: “a few measly seconds” can really make a difference. And now, let’s move on to that concept we alluded to just a few lines ago…

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: what to know in order to survive the game!

Deflecting is just as important as attacking…

… if not more. There Deviation it’s very similar to parry in many other games. You will have to press, depending on your reference controller, the Xbox B key or the good old PlayStation ○ just before being hit by an enemy attack. In this way, in fact, you will divert it: it is not a question of a “simple” defense. Let’s be clear, defending yourself is always a valid option, but exposing yourself to risk can reward you in a decidedly more generous way! Also because passively taking a blow brings more “spiritual” malus than anything else, as we will be able to explain in a few seconds.

Defend yourself is nothing but an alternative way to empty your Spirit Bar. What is so greedy about the deviation, then? How about reducing the attacker’s gauge? The progress of a fight can be kept under control in this way: this is why the technique can be so vital against that first boss with whom we opened the guide in such a catastrophic way. Of course, in other games there are perfect parry mechanics (and perfect parries) with which to earn a good blow to inflict. Quite simply, this game has decided to take them to far crazier levels than we’ve seen so far.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: have we been useful to you? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.