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Hogwarts Legacy: The Guide to All Possible Endings

If you have come to this article, you have probably already completed the main story of Hogwarts Legacy, and you may be wondering what are the other possible endings provided by the game. Or maybe you’re just very curious and for you the spoiler is just a Lord Voldemort who didn’t believe it enough. However Hogwarts Legacy, throughout the entire gameplay, he will often ask you to make choices through interactions with other NPCs in the game. Most of the time these will be irrelevant to the plot, while certain decisions will have a relevant specific weightespecially in the final stage of the game.

The main storylines, which have more than one ending, are essentially two: the main one and that of Sebastian Sallow. Let’s look specifically at all the possible endings for the two stories of Hogwarts Legacy and the secret ending.

All Hogwarts Legacy main story endings

The main story, the one that will lead you to gain the trust of the guardians of Ancient Magic and to defeat Ranrok, ends with the last test of the guardians themselves. In this you will go together with Professor Fig in a secret tunnel that branches off under the Hogwarts castle, where there is a reserve that harnesses the negativity generated by the improper use of Ancient Magic. Once you reach the dungeon you will find Ranrok’s followers, but luckily the other Hogwarts professors will come to your rescue. At this point, after some fighting, you will be called to make decisive choices that will lead you to one of the two possible endings: the good one and the bad one.

In fact, having come in front of the container that harnesses the Ancient Magic, Professor Fig will ask you what you intend to do with it. There will be two possible answers and your choice will be decisive for the ending you are going to face:

  • I’m going to keep it closed here
  • I’m going to open it

Soon after you will be asked a second question. This second choice won’t be relevant in terms of the story’s ending, but it will offer you an alternative dialogue with Fig. This will ask if you plan to talk to anyone about the deposit in the future. Again, there are two possible answers:

  • I will keep it a secret forever
  • This power shouldn’t be kept hidden from the world

The bad ending

If you choose “I’m going to open it” you will access the bad ending. During the fight with Ranrok Professor Fig will die and his body will never be found. Also, after defeating the goblin, you will assimilate all the negativity generated by the Ancient Magic and your eyes will become demonic. You will keep Miriam’s wand, which Ranrok stole from the woman before killing her. With this ending you will have, at least virtually, disappointed everyone, both the keepers and Fig.

The “good” ending

If you choose “I’m going to keep it locked up here” you will unlock what could be called the good ending, although Fig will die anyway (so much for the good ending!). In this scenario, however, you can reach it before it draws its last breath and hand him the wand that belonged to his wife Miriam. This way Fig will die with a smile, giving his story a sense of completion, and his body will be found. He will also renew his esteem for you, thanking you for the choices made.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Sebastian Story Endings

The Sebastian Sallow subplot also has a double ending. In the last mission of his story you will reach the Slytherin in the crypt, where you will be joined by his uncle Solomon who will engage you both in a fight. Sebastian will use Avada Kedavra on him, killing him instantly. Next, you’ll talk to Infaustus and have to decide whether to report Sebastian to the Ministry of Magic or pardon him.

If you decide to hand it over to the authorities Infaustus will inform Principal Black. You will later receive an owl from Infaustus himself who will update you on the events: Sebastian has been expelled from Hogwarts and will have to face a trial which, presumably, will condemn him to Azkaban. You will never meet him again in the corridors of the school his hatred towards the goblins will continue to grow.

If you decide to forgive him You will receive an owl from Sebastian himself who will ask you to meet in the Great Hall. The boy will thank you for trusting him and, when you explain to him that he wasn’t a goblin who cursed his sister but a wizard, he will change his mind about goblins. You will still be able to meet Sebastian around Hogwarts.

The secret ending of Hogwarts Legacy

Even after you’ve unlocked all the main endings, Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to continue exploring the castle and access a secret ending, which will only be available upon reaching level 34. This is effectively the final conclusion of all stories (as well as your academic year). A short movie will show you the OWL exams and the House Cup will be awarded. You will win this one, or rather your house, with an ending that is a clear homage to Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone: the vice principal rewards the protagonist’s courage by assigning extra points to her house.

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