Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will not have Steam Deck support

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is about to release and it has been confirmed that it will not have support for Steam Deck and cross-platform savegames

The page of FAQ recently made for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty shared more details about the game, including lack of support for Steam Deck at launch. Unfortunately, Team Ninja didn’t specify if there will be a post-launch update to add Steam Deck support in the future. Furthermore, the developers have also explained that the Variable Refresh Rate it will not be supported on any console. Thankfully the PC version will be able to run at a better framerate, supporting i 120Hz. For the latest generation consoles, however, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will give priority to 60 FPS in Performance mode and true 4K in Resolution mode. While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will only be able to run the game at max 30 FPS.

No Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Steam Deck and much more

In addition to the lack of Steam Deck support for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, new information has also been revealed about the save options. Team Ninja clarifies that players will be able to transfer their save files within the same family of consoles. However, you will not be able to use any of the functions cross-platform saving to move saves from PlayStation to Xbox. Last but not least, the FAQ page also reveals that the PC version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty it will not support DLSS and XeSS at launch, but Team Ninja plans to provide them with a post-launch update, although it’s not yet known when.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will not have Steam Deck support

Outgoing on February 24thWo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be available for free on Xbox/PC Game Pass at launch. In addition to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Team Ninja is also working on Rise of the Roninan upcoming action RPG experience that is expected to launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 in 2024. More details about this project are yet to be shared in the future and we look forward to hearing more.

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