Women don’t like electric cars that’s why

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A curiosity emerges from a study: theelectric car is not loved by women and we explain why. The news comes from United States.

Where electric car manufacturers find it difficult to sell electric cars to women.

is not loved by women and we explain why, source Depositphotos

The statistics

The donne they are not attracted to buying an electric car. The latest data shows that the 41,8% of new car buyers are women. But this percentage drops to 28 for electric cars al 100%.

That’s why women don’t like electric cars

Are they just polls? Well, let’s put it this way, they are used to understand how the market is going. This is to both builders and customers. Above all, in anticipation of the year 2035 there is still a long way to go.

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The survey by S&P Global Mobility reveals that for vehicle registrations in 2022. Tesla has the best performance for female buyers among new EV companies. The score of the brand is of 33,1%.

This is above average. While Polestar is second with 27.4%followed by Lucid with the 19,5%. In third place we find Rivian with the 15,4%.

Electric car, does not conquer the women’s shares

The numbers above compare to the male-dominated RAM and GMC pickup sales. The only brands with more male buyers than Rivian are Bugatti e McLaren. With Rivan, the result is logical, as the brand focuses precisely on large pickups and SUVs. At the same time, the Tis the Model Y, which is in a segment traditionally favored by women.

This one doesn’t fare well in this sense. For the crossover, only the 35% of buyers are of the weaker sex.

Second Mark Blandmanaging director of S&P Global Mobility, these data raise some questions. It’s clear that women are more concerned with mileage.

And safety compared to men, which suggests that electric vehicle companies need to do much more in this direction.

is not loved by women and we explain why, source Depositphotosis not loved by women and we explain why, source Depositphotos

Electric car, the solution to acquire women’s consent

The solution to this problem may come from major automakers like Ford, GM and Volkswagen, which will need to maintain their current gender diversity as they enter the electrification era to maintain sales. As these brands significantly expand their zero-emissions footprint in the coming years, they may want to appeal to female buyers more effectively than electric-only startups.

In the end, S&P Global Mobility predicts that electric vehicles will likely account forand 40% of total US sales by 2030raising questions about how shoppers will respond to this new reality, including gender differences.

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