Women in Esports, arriva la "Valkyrie Cup" di Dota 2 per promuovere l'inclusività thumbnail

Women in Esports, the “Valkyrie Cup” of Dota 2 arrives to promote inclusivity

Women in Esports, the "Valkyrie Cup" of Dota 2 to promote thumbnail inclusivity

The British group “Women in Esports”, which works to make e-sport an inclusive environment for women and beyond, has signed an agreement with “Dota Valkyries” to organize the “Valkyrie Cup”. The goal of the tournament is to both attract Dota 2 fans through competition and involve the less represented genres in this type of event.

“Dota Valkyries” deals with offer support to Dota 2 players, regardless of the starting level. It deals with novice beginners with Blizzard’s MOBA as well as competitive players. For the uninitiated, the term MOBA identifies the genre of video games to which DOTA 2 belongs, and means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

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Rules of the Valkyrie Cup of Dota 2, promoted by Women in Esports

The rules for participating in the tournament are clear, and we will list them in the next paragraph. The tournament will be held between 18 and 19 September of this year, and will focus on creating gender-balanced teams.

  • Each team must have at least 5 players, with a minimum of 2 female or non-binary gender players, and a maximum of 3 male players.
  • No player can have an MMR (rating that determines a player’s skill) greater than 4000 when registering for the tournament.

At this address it is possible to read the entire regulation, so as not to miss any details. The competition will be organized and managed from the Battlefy page of “Women in Esports”, and it is already possible to register for the “Valkyrie Cup”.

The prizes to be won and the coverage of the event

here are the awards established:

  • 1° Posto = 5 x 24 Battle Pass Levels
  • 2° Posto = 5 x 11 Battle Pass Levels
  • 3° Posto = 5 x 5 battle Pass Levels

You can follow the event on Twitch on the canal of British Esportyes, but a lot of streamers are likely to decide to broadcast the Valkyrie Cup on their own channels, as “Women in Esports” itself hopes.

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