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Wonder Pictures at Cannes 2022, three great films protagonists

Wonder Pictures arrive in Cannes 2022 with three great films that will be the stars of this year’s Croisette

Three great authors with three great films will arrive in Cannes 2022 for i Wonder Pictures. The rights for Italian distribution have already been acquired, so we just have to wait to see them in our cinemas. And of course we, who always know everything, will reveal to you without delay which films are in question.

Tchaikovsky’s wife

The film will be in competition on this year’s Croisette.

After God’s word, Summer e Petrov’s Flu (the last two both already in competition at Cannes in 2018 and 2021), Kirill Serebrennikova director for years opposed by the Russian government for his strongly critical positions against President Putin’s anti-democratic laws, adds a fourth jewel to the I Wonder Pictures catalog.

Tchaikovsky’s Wife tells the story of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s marriage to Antonina Miliukova, one of the most important moments in the composer’s life. The decision to marry to put an end to the gossip that surrounded him put him in serious crisis. When he then changed his mind, deciding to separate from her, her choice completely devastated the woman, driving her to the madness of her.

my imaginary country

The film will be part of the out-of-competition visions. Talk about the protest that erupts in the streets of Santiago in 2019.

The Chilean people want democracy and social equality, schools for all, health care, work. Above all, it asks for dignity and justice. Mi Paìs Imaginario accompanies these requests from the beginning of the protest to the formation of the constituent assembly, giving a voice exclusively to women: the journalist Monica Gonzalezthe feminist collective Thesesthe writer and actress Ninth Fernándezthe photographer Nicole Krammthe political scientist Claudia Heissamong many.

Mi Paìs Imaginario is the fourth film by Patrick Guzman that I Wonder Pictures brings to Italian cinemas, after The mountain range of dreams, The memory of water and Nostalgia for light.

Smoking makes you cough

For the midnight screening comes Fumer fait tousser. The brilliant Mr Oizo, in the century, therefore reaches three with I Wonder Pictures Quentin Dupieux.

After Mandibules – Two men and a flythe most loved film by the public at the Venice Film Festival 2020, and Increbile But Truesoon in Italian cinemas, here is the new madness of the French filmmaker and musician, who film after film has built a very clear and ferocious poetics, dissecting contemporary society with an intelligence and a cruelty that looks to authors of the caliber of Bunuel and Ferreri.

After a grueling battle against a diabolical turtle, the team of five executioners known as the Tobacco Force is sent on compulsory retreat to strengthen their weakened team spirit. The stay goes well, until Lézardin, the Emperor of Evil, decides he wants to destroy the Earth.

Outstanding cast, with Adèle Exarchopoulos (Low Cost Generation, from 12 May to the cinema) Anais Demoustier (Alice and the mayor), Benoit Poelvoorde (God exists and lives in Brussels) e Dora Tillier (The good times).

Now, dear readers, we just have to wait for the protagonists of these wonderful films to arrive on the Croisette. We, as always, will keep you informed on when they reach our local cinemas! Stay tuned!

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