Woody Allen: the top 10 of his best films

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Let’s discover, through this guide, some of the most famous and loved films by director Woody Allen, which you really shouldn’t miss

Woody Allen. A name that will sound familiar to many of you, even if you’ve never seen a film of his. This is because he is one of the most famous contemporary directors in the world, also thanks to his extraordinary productivity, which has led him to work, on average, on one film a year. Today, among his numerous productions, We have chosen for you the 10 most loved titleswhich you really shouldn’t miss and which will allow you to better understand his comedy, his sarcasm and his elegance, in dealing with deeply felt themes in today’s society.

10. As long as it works | Woody Allen best movies

Let’s start immediately with a title from 2009. Here we tell the story of Boris Yellnikoff, a former physicist of international renown who decides to attempt suicide after divorcing his wife. One day he meets a woman who fled to New York, Melodie St. Ann Celestine, who begs and sleeps on the street, with whom he immediately manages to create a special bond. However, this agreement is held back by the girl’s mother.

The film, written by Allen in the 70s, remained in the drawer for a long time before coming to light and being interpreted by Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson ed Henry Cavill. As long as it works is not among Allen’s best known films, yet it deserves to be rediscovered, thanks to its monologues and its brilliant social satire, typical of the director, who returned for the occasion to shoot in one of the symbolic cities of his works : New York.

9. The Purple Rose of Cairo | Woody Allen best movies

Let us now turn to a film dated 1985, The Purple Rose of Cairo. We are in the years of the Great Depression and the young Cecilia is forced into an unhappy life, with an unsatisfactory job for her and a slacker husband. The woman, tired of her condition, usually spends her days at the cinema, where the film The Purple Rose of Cairo is constantly shown. One day, the protagonist of this filmTom Baxter, intrigued by the constant presence of the woman, decides to leave the big screen, to live an incredible love story with her.

The Purple Rose of Cairo is considered by many to be a true cornerstone of Woody Allen’s cinematography. Perhaps for its delicacy in telling a love story of a woman in search of a more peaceful life than the one she is forced into. The cast consists of Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello e Dianne Wiest, actors who will take us on a sweet journey, on the border between rationality and fantasy. For this screenplay, Woody Allen also won a Golden Globein 1986.

8. Zelig | Woody Allen best movies

We now bring you a film from 1983, which Allen not only wrote and directed, but also starred in. We are talking about Zelig, a film set in 1928, a time when it caused a sensation Leonard Zelig, a man with a curious psychosomatic illness, able to transform his physical and character traits, based on the context in which he finds himself. Soon, this extraordinary ability becomes a trend.

In this film, the director offers an interesting insight into the theme of personality and how closely this is in contact with the vision that others have of us. He does this by putting himself on the line, playing the role of the protagonist himself; by his side Mia Farrow, Garrett M. Brown e Mary Louise Wilson. You might actually get drawn into this lively black and white parody.

7. Love and War | Woody Allen best movies

It’s time to focus now on Love and War, the great success of 1975, also written, directed and starring Woody Allen. This time, we are in 19th century Russia, a period in which Boris Grushenkoa clumsy but studious young man, finds himself becoming, through a series of random circumstances, a war hero, so much so that he is involved in an assassination attempt with the aim of killing Napoleon.

Love and War is another film well known to the public, above all thanks to the skilful use of dialogues in which a biting irony stands out, which however is able to leave room for more dramatic moments. The protagonist Boris is played here by Woody Allen himselfat his side Diane Keaton, Harold Gould, Olga Georges-Picot, Zvee Scooler, Despo Diamantidou e Jessica Harper.

6. Midnight in Paris | Woody Allen best movies

Let’s now move on to a more recent film, Midnight in Paris, dated 2011. This time, the director engages in a comedy capable of mixing romance and fantasy. As the title suggests, the film is set in Paris, where the events of the protagonists unfold. We will follow a young engaged couple, Gil and Inez and her family. Gil is a screenwriter who is in a difficult moment in his career. It will be Paris that will offer the boy new lifeblood, transporting him on a surreal adventure after midnight.

Upon its release, Midnight in Paris proved to be a real success, so much so that it was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and won one, as Best Original Screenplay, which also earned him a Golden Globe. The cast includes Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller, Mimi Kennedy, Michael Sheen, Nina Arianda e Carla Brown. If you are approaching the films of this great director for the first time, know that Midnight in Paris is probably one of his works that you really shouldn’t miss.

5. Crimes and Misdemeanors | Woody Allen best movies

Crimes and misdeeds tells of Judahan accomplished ophthalmologist, married to Miriam. However, the man has a lover, the former stewardess Dolores who, on the verge of obsession, threatens Judah to reveal everything to his wife. Judah then decides to turn to brother Jack, an unscrupulous criminal, to get rid of his lover. At this point, a profound crisis of conscience begins for man. Will he be able to go on with his life, well aware of the crime he has committed?

We are in 1989 and Woody Allen comes out to the cinema with a film considered by some to be his best film, managing to take home three nominations for the Academy Awards, as well as winning a David di Donatello. Like many others, this film also brings with it a very important theme, which is based on the possibility of being able to live a peaceful life, even if aware of having committed a horrible act. In Crimes and Misdemeanors, Allen returns to take on the role of the protagonist, at his side Martin Landau, Mia Farrow, Alan Alda, Anjelica Huston, Claire Bloom, Caroline Aaron e Joanna Gleason.

4. Hannah and Her Sisters | Woody Allen best movies

Here is now a film from 1986, entitled Hannah and her sisters. The title suggests a bit of the plot. In fact, the film tells the story of love and the complicated relationships of three New York sisters Hannah, Holly and Lee. The three will be involved, together with their respective companions and ex-husbands in tormented relationships that will lead them to clash, but also to get to know themselves and those close to them more.

Also in this film, the director decides to immerse himself in one of the roles, more precisely in that of Mickey Sachs, Hannah’s ex-husband. The other characters are played by Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, Dianne Wiest, Carrie Fisher, Barbara Hershey, Lloyd Nolan, Maureen O’Sullivan, Daniel Stern, Max von Sydow e Julie Kavner. When it comes to Woody Allen’s filmography, one cannot fail to mention this film, which proved to be a real success at the box office, which brought him seven Oscar nominations, of which three won (Best Supporting Actor for Michael Caine, Best Actress Supporting Role to Dianne Wiest and Best Original Screenplay to Woody Allen).

3. Match Points | Woody Allen best movies

We continue our journey with Match Point, a 2005 film in which Woody Allen returns to explore the darkest paths of cinema, in a typically thriller direction. Follow the story of Chris Wilton, a young Irishman who finds himself giving tennis lessons to the wealthy Hewitt family, who soon welcome him into their circle of friends. Thanks to this knowledge, Chris can aspire to a brilliant career, studded with wealth and success. His plans seem to fade when he meets the American actress Nola Rice.

After years of ups and downs for Woody Allen, Match Point is able to achieve great success, leading the director to reconfirm his skill even in more recent times. The film sees as protagonists Jonathan Rhys Meyers and a very young one Scarlett Johansson which, thanks to this film, has managed to establish itself even more in the world cinematographic panorama. If you are looking for a darker film than the previous ones, able to dwell on important themes, such as morality and greed, Match Point is the film for you.

2. Manhattan | Woody Allen best movies

We have almost reached the end of this guide dedicated to the best Woody Allen movies, now it’s the turn of Manhattan, a 1979 film. Here we follow Isaac Davisa Manhattan television writer, who has just divorced his second wife Jill, who left him for a woman. He himself dates, without great expectations, a 17-year-old girl, Tracy. Everything changes when man meets Marylover of his best friend.

Needless to deny that if you love complicated love stories, this title is just the thing for you. The troubled Isaac is played by Woody Allen himself, who decides to take the field once again, lending his face to the protagonist. At his side Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep e Anne Byrne Hoffman. Manhattan can also be included among the director’s best works, coming to be nominated for two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe, thanks to his unmistakable style and excellent photography.

1. Annie and I | Woody Allen best movies

Here we are at the end. We would like to close this guide with another unforgettable title, Annie Hall, from 1977. The film follows the story of Alvy Singer, a man who broke up with Annie Hall after a year of relationship. Now, finding himself alone, he reflects on his lived history, trying to understand the reasons behind this breakup. He will thus begin a journey into their relationship and into Alvy’s life, to analyze what events have made him who he is in the present.

Drawing up a guide to Allen’s best films isn’t easy, but this title certainly can’t be missed. Considered by many to be the film that brought the director fame, Annie Hall allowed him to win well four Academy Awards and a Golden Globe,…