WordPress: what it is and how it works

WordPress: what it is and how it works

What is WordPress all about and why is it so popular? Let’s find out how this successful website building platform works

WordPress is the most popular content creation and management platform nowadays. It has managed to distinguish itself from its competitors for its simplicity of use on several levels, which is unrivaled, which translates into the ease of publishing, editing and organizing its contents on the Internet. Whether it’s text posts, photos, videos or audio files, WordPress allows anyone to have their own space on the web, even without having specific knowledge, as well as to present them in an engaging way.

What is WordPress all about and why is it so popular?

In fact, the platform allows you to create a site in an intuitive way, eliminating intermediate steps that can be intimidating precisely those who have not received dedicated training. Among the aspects that most create confusion in people who are not experts in the sector who want to create a site is that which concerns the creation of the domain: also in this sense the most widespread CMS platform is able to provide a timely answer. Unlike WordPress.org, for which it is necessary to refer to find a third party provider for the website, the most used WordPress.com today leaves the user the choice related to the domain, which can be customized according to the subscription plan that you choose to subscribe.

Hosting a website or blog on WordPress it is advisable to buy a domain from a valid provider: in this way you can ensure that you have a personalized url and in line with your business objectives, as well as having the guarantee of an efficient assistance and valid maintenance as happens with webhosting.it. The choice of the domain is far from secondary and it is a step that must be taken before proceeding with the other – simple – phases of setting up your site. Since this is a strategic decision, it is better to devote a few more thoughts to this aspect and think carefully before deciding.

Graphics: choosing a theme on WordPress

WordPress it also allows those who do not have web design skills to obtain an extremely well-finished site from the front-end point of view, that is the graphics of a site. Once you have created your account and set your domain and account preferences, simply choose the theme, which determines the appearance of the site as it is viewed by the user who lands on it. The theme is designed by experts and consists of packages of PHP files with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, elements that work in synergy to create a particularly fluid path of use, both from the point of view of those who visit the site, and from that of those who creates it. Information architecture and UX (user experience) are crucial aspects in determining the success of a website: the way in which contact information or insights are presented can be decisive. This is why the choice of the theme is so important. However, this is not an irreversible decision: once a layout has been chosen, it is always possible to change it, if it is understood that the organization of the contents is not functional, with the advantage that there is no risk of losing anything that has already been published. WordPress offers the possibility to consult the library of free themes, which is already very well stocked in itself, but for those looking for something more, there is also the paid library, ideal for those who create a site to meet professional needs .

The range of themes available, free or paid, to choose from is really very wide: finding your way around is simple thanks to the WordPress wizard, which allows you to narrow the field according to your goals. Whether you are looking for a suitable theme for an e-commerce site, or a perfect frame for an editorial portal, the WordPress library will undoubtedly have the theme that will meet your specific needs. Not to mention that, in addition to the single theme, you can further customize the various components. Creating a site as you have always imagined it, but also being guided by the web design experts who work for the platform, is really easy with WordPress. Each theme requires a few simple customization steps before being implemented and that’s it.

Control panel and plugins: how does it work for those who create a site?

The dashboard, also known as the control panel, is the area that all content creators using WordPress learn to familiarize themselves with. Accessible with various credentials (administrator, creator, moderator, etc.) decided by the account owner, the control panel is distinguished by a very intuitive interface, which favors the creation, modification, publication, programming and deletion of content. If the theme represents the front-end, that is what the visitor sees, the panel is the back-end, a sort of background within which everything that makes the site possible takes place.

With a view to making the latter increasingly functional, as well as improving the user experience, WordPress offers the possibility to integrate your sites with various plugins, snippets (or snippets) of code that expand the functionality of the original site. Among the most common plugins are those that include sections dedicated to e-commerce and SEO. These are easy-to-use alternatives that often require a small payment to greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your site. Once you have set up your site on WordPress, you can always count on the support of the community, which over the years has published several articles on specific topics, aimed at offering answers to various questions.