Lavoro e gioco: anche LinkedIn punta sul gaming thumbnail

Work and play: LinkedIn also focuses on gaming

LinkedIn it’s not just for those who work: Microsoft’s social network is about to enter the world of gaming online. The platform that connects a billion professionals around the world will have a new way for members to discuss, with competitions between colleagues and companies.

LinkedIn focuses on gaming, with challenges between colleagues and companies

We are not statistics experts, but we think we can venture that there is a good intersection between those who post and comment every day on LinkedIn and who continues to play puzzles like Wordle. Maybe it’s the same reasoning that LinkedIn executives did, which according to What Owji (via Punto Informatico), is already developing the first three titles: “Queens”, “Inference” e “Crossclimb”. All puzzles that invite competition between colleagues and companies.

In fact, it appears that LinkedIn is organizing player scores by workplacethus creating real ones “company rankings”. Competition between colleagues is therefore inevitable. But instead of competing for the best parking spot or the trip prize at the end of the year, they will compete on the results of the games.

A spokesperson for LinkedIn confirmed the arrival of the games. And he explained that the goal of puzzle-based games is to create moments of fun, deepen relationships and stimulate conversations.

This linking could also expand in the future. As Punto Informatico points out, Microsoftparent company of LinkedInis a giant in the world of video games, with record revenues from Xbox, Activision Blizzard e ZeniMax. Perhaps, soon, other games could also arrive on social media for those who work?

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