Worldline supports electric mobility with WL Easy EV

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Power supply for electric car charging. Electric car charging station. Close up of the power supply plugged into an electric car being charged.

Worldline continues to support technological innovation with the service WL Easy EV. It is a service for payments in electric charging stations. The system aims to simplify the entire charging procedure and support zero-emission mobility. This solution aims to represent a complete and reliable package for both energy suppliers and end users.

Worldline supports electric mobility with WL Easy EV

WL Easy EV is the solution proposed by Worldline, a leading company in Europe in the sector of payments and transactional services, for i payments in electric charging stations. The technology announced by Worldline aims to simplify the payment system as much as possible, meeting the needs of end users and energy suppliers. It is an important resource for electric mobility. In Italy, according to some estimates, in 2030 there will be a fleet of over 34 million electric vehicles in circulation. Vehicle recharging requires a simple and effective payment system to be carried out in unattended stations. Worldline with WL Easy EV aims to maximize the charging experience.

The company comment

Roberto Galati, Managing Director of Worldline MS – Global Sales & Verticals Italia, comments: “The WL Easy EV solution is a totally omnichannel product that guarantees the end customer a simple user experience with fast payments and at the same time guarantees suppliers, of any size and geographic location, maximum efficiency and economy of scale. . Agility, internationalization and standardization are some of the challenges of e-mobility Worldlinewith its dedicated offer, is at the center of this transformation with a direct influence on future developments ”