Worlds Apart: arriva il trailer del film con Bob Odenkirk

Worlds Apart: arrives the trailer of the film with Bob Odenkirk

Worlds Apart: comes the trailer of the film with Bob Odenkrik directed by Cecilia Miniucchi, also protagonist of the Venice film exhibition

Among the films protagonists of the seventy-ninth edition of the Venice International Film Festival is Worlds Apart, a film that sees the participation of Bob Odenkirk, fresh from the sensational success of the TV series Better Call Saul, and directed by Cecilia Miniucchi. The film will be presented in one of the three Masterclass of Sia for the Giornate degli Autori and pending its distribution, the trailer that anticipates it has been released by Genoma Films.

Worlds Apart: Cecilia Miniucchi’s film in Venice

Worlds Apart – Distant worlds is certainly one of the most awaited films in these Venetian days. Waiting to see it, the trailer has been released and the film will be presented by the protagonist Bob Odenkirkfamous face of the TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, where he plays the famous lawyer Saul Goodman.

The actor will attend the screening of the film and will be the protagonist of a dialogue that will address the themes of writing and authorship. Along with him also other protagonists of the film, such as Danny Huston and Radha Mitchell. The feature film, as mentioned, bears the signature of Cecilia Miniucchiready to lead the audience to relive the sadly familiar experience of the lockdown, around which the reflections that characterize the film are generated.

The plot of the movie

The film is set in The Angels and revolves around three pairs of friends who find themselves stuck in their homes due to the lockdown. Bob Odenkirk plays Jonathan, who has an art gallery and lives with his wife Sue (Jeanie Lim). Clarissa (Radha Mitchell) is Jonathan’s lover and lives alone, next to her Iranian tenant Darius (Cyrus Pahlavi). Finally, there are former professor Paul (Danny Huston) and his wife Rota (Rosie Fellner), a much younger and profoundly different woman.

Forced isolation will lead the three couples to think a lot about their relationships and about themselves. A profound analysis, in which viewers can find themselves, having lived through those terrible days of the lockdown and the weight they entail. Below is the trailer at World Apartments:

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